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RE: SPORTS TODAY 26th April- 1 HIVE + 200 SPORTS giveaway

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Thanks for yesterdays participation guys , 200 SPORTS and 0.2 HIVE has been sent to each of you

Those who participated but didn't post 3 comments @p15 @aiovo @dealhunter @anicom

I don't get it please explain what 3 comment

In order to qualify one needs to be engaging with others on this post through comments and make at least 3 comments. You can reply to others or start your own conversation on any sports topic. Hope this helps.

If you make at least 3 comments on this post then you qualify to get a share of the SPORTS and HIVE pot.

Ok only cricket on tonight/day is the IPL match the Punjab Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders..I think the Kings will take this out. What do you think?

Thanks for the award.

congratulations to those that made it.

More people are participating so I think its growing and it seems like there is a decent amount of activity here.