SPORTS Staking details - 21st to 27th March.

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Good morning to everyone . Couple of weeks @uyobong ( ) started a campaign in which he asked people to post the Tx ID of staking SPORTS and he would reward them with wealthy upvotes ..

This is a win -win for both stakers as well as community since it reduces liquid supply .

He had mentioned in his previous post that it would be easier if he could see the top 25 stakers and vote them instead of users posting Tx ID .

So I just retrieved the data for the past week -


  1. This contains staking SPORTS data from 21st March to 27th March . ( Sunday to Saturday )
  2. Sports rewards are paid in 50% liquid and 50% staked ( this is not counted here ) . Only those SPORTS which you have staked or somebody has staked to your account is counted .

Data related to SPORTS staking

How many times did people stake in the past week ?

  • 567 times ( last week = 542 )

How many unique users staked SPORTS ?

  • 205 users ( last week = 223 users)

Total SPORTS staked during this period

  • 36192330.264 SPORTS ( last week = 13431510.446 SPORTS )

Mean SPORTS staked at once

  • 63831.270 SPORTS ( last week = 24781.384 SPORTS )

Top 25 stakers


So @uyobong here is the data you needed.

You can just click on the username , go to their account and upvote :)

Also guys don't forget to take part in SPORTS Daily discussion post posted by @amr008.sports everyday. We have lot of people discussing various sports matches over there . Just click on the user account to see latest post .

You get a chance to earn 200 SPORTS and 1 Hive too just by engaging

If you find any mistakes , let me know , I will fix it :)


Thanks for the mention. I didn't realize I staked so much last week. I like how this platform is turning out, however. I don't have enough sleep to create content again yet, but I'm looking forward to it when I do. I haven't written a stem article in some time, and I've never written a sports-related article. I'm looking forward to the day that I do.

I see the efforts some people go to in writing their articles and I look forward to the works I can curate when I am able. I look forward to curating more as the days progress. I've gotten back on the horse and have scheduled my curations to occur at least daily.

So all the SPORTS you are earning are from curation alone ? That's pretty amazing . I hope we find more usecases for SPORTS soon and the price increases .

It's not only due to curation. I have funds in other stocks and coins I'm transferring to sports. I've been creating content for over a year now following my initial investments in crypto. I'm nearing the endpoint of the transfers though. I won't be able to do this forever, lol.

Doesn't make much sense when the price is low. The problem is if people want to sell they need to be responsible about it as sports is rather fragile at the moment. Rather stake and be patient and consider the community before you sell in big numbers.

Well said. One who sees the future of this community should mind how, when and what quantity to sell per time. However, adding up stakes helps to heal the community the more.

O wow the numbera are veey intresting.... what was my ranks if you can spare some time please let me know
Thanks for sharing the data...
Keep doing the good work..
Please share your discord ID ..

Hey here is the data for your account -

  • 28191.707 total SPORTS staked during this period
  • You have staked 3 times


My discord ID is - AMR#2274

Not able to find the username...
Mine is guurry123#9913
Please ping me on abive user id

Have sent to you the friend request :)

Thanks for quick reply...
Where I standing in above ranking...

Oh I am really sorry , if I have to find ranking I have to run a bigger script .

I will make sure next week I will have it ready , is that okay ?

Wow, I am indeed wos at the number of persons that have staked so far for this number of days. Welldone and keep doign this great job. Doing this isn't an easy one but your readiness and willingness to take this data is surprising.

Wish those who staked the best and keep staking.

You have been doing a good job with data extraction.
This will definitely help the community.
Keep up the good work.
Congratulations to everyone in the list, enjoy the upvotes.

Thanks for these stats, those are very interesting. I'm still kind of new to all this, so I don't yet have a clear idea of what some of these numbers mean (good, bad, average?), but if you publish them every week like you mentioned, that will be very useful. Thanks for the mention too, I'll try going up in the rankings next week!

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Lol I almost feel like I should of staked this time around. But I guess it is better to get on the list next week with a better chance as it will be two weeks worth of earnings. I got almost 50k saved up and we are at the beginning of the week.

Thanks, I'll be rewarding top 10 staker last week with juicy upvotes. Top 5 would receive 100%

Great :) Thank you very much .

I hope the stats I am providing is helping .

This is great. I know it's going to be massive reward for those whl stake now. I wish I have enough to stake today so I can smile in the future. I'll stake someday. Congratulations for those who made it.