Help @sportsburn to burn more

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Today I found out that I could request a temporary delegation for the sportsburn account to get some additional Hive Power. Hopefully this can help the account aquire more sports to burn.
Another way I will help @sportsburn today is that I will add them as 100% beneficiary on this post because I want the % of burnt tokens to increase!


So if you want to help @sportsburnyou can simple just upvote this post and re-blog it to get more traktion.


Well done. Keep it 🔥🔥ing

Thanks,yes keep burning! 👊


I didn't know how to make it visible here in Sportstalksocial, but add this printscreen so you can see that I added Sportsburn as 100% beneficary:


Nice one burning sports token

Keep it up. Just reblogged and promote with 100 sports

How do you add @sportsburn to beneficiaries by the way

Under advanced settings in sportstalk can you find it 👍

Thank you I just did

I'll surely do my best to promote more sports burn in the community

Great! Think its a perfect way to reduce the sports in circulation