More Hundreds of SPORTS added to my Stakes


I am happy to add 200,000 SPORTS token to my stake. That should have raised my stake close to the 4 million mark. I remember yesterday seeing my account on the 50th spot of top SPORTS stakeholders with at least 0.31% stake proportion. I know that some more users would be boosting their stakes to be able to contribute meaningfully to proposal voting. I decided to up my own game too.


With my additional 200,000 SPORTS, I should rise through the rank higher. I will hopefully be counted among the users with above 5 million SPORTS stake soon. I'll do my best to make that happen.


Congratulations bro. Very happy to see you coming up higher.

You can also add #sportspower tag

Thanks man. I'm coming after you.

Congratulations bro. Keep moving. There's room at the top.

Congratulations.. All the best for club 5 million.

Yeah. What spot are you?

I am just starting. Now have more than 400K , aiming for 1 million sportspower.

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