Are we victims of black magic?

out for the season: source

Sometimes I feel like there's someone using black magic on this team because it feels like the only explanation for why there's always a disaster waiting to happen.

In our previous shitshow against City where we were lucky to leave the match with a 3-0 scoreline, two players hobbled off the pitch in what seemed like ordinary injuries. I figured the injuries were as a result of lack of playing time from the three month break but alas, in recent times, nothing about Arsenal ever goes as planned.

A defensive Crisis?


Well not quite but that's not far from the truth, considering how the rest of the season will be. Starting from Next week, we'll be playing two games a week and will need as much depth as possible, and that's where the problem lies.

With David Luiz out for two games at least, I was hoping that the injury to Mari wasn't serious but the word is that he will be out for the whole season. The injury to Mari is further proof that someone put a hex on Arsenal because this is a player that had gone years without injury before coming to Arsenal on loan.

With Mari out for the season and Sokratis still, some weeks away from fitness, we have the usually erratic Mustafi, Holding and Mavropanos as the only fit centre backs. I'd rather not see David Luiz play for Arsenal ever again, so when depth becomes an issue, it would be better we improvise with Kolasinac pending Sokratis return in two weeks time.

The Mood

I can only speak for myself in this situation and honestly, it feels really horrible. Arteta looked like a defeated man during the 3-0 walloping against City, and if we play like that against Brighton, I assure you we'll be destroyed.

With City out of the way, we have a decent run of fixtures before we play Leicester, Liverpool and Spurs. Every game we play now is a must-win, so I hope the boys are up for the challenge. Until we meet again, up the Arsenal.


even aliens would not be able to explain arsenals injuries.

we were lacking in defense for a long time, thing is we are lacking in the middle now. creativity and vision is non existent. i would take cazorla with one foot (and i even don't care is it left or right :) ) over everyone playing right now.

I'd take Santi Carzola in cruthces right now. The midfield is in shambles

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As an arsenal fan, i feel you should just forget expectations because the team is dead and just have loyal fans. Enjoy being defeated. An advice from a madrid fan.. just kidding

Madrid fan? lol Spanish league isn't even a real league

Arsenal is now a club? Win title please

If winning titles is the only reason you support a club then you might as well keep changing club every season

Arsenal fans and having a reason to stay even when it becomes so toxic.. God forbid!!! Success has many friends o

I tuned in for the last 5 minutes of the first half, then tuned out after the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half, have not missed the misery that watching this team gave me and there has to be a mass ship out of the shit this summer.

It should be a total clear out because what the actual fuck? I can't watch an Arsenal game sobber

Haha, that's one of the best reasons "because what the actual fuck?" 😃 I'd love to be administering those letters out to the players:

Sorry to say this but you are no longer a player for Arsenal because what the actual fuck?

Mikel Arteta

Then maybe add a

Ps: Please don't talk about us in public
Signed, management

Haha, definitely!

Just seen the great news that Luiz has extended his contract by a year! Think they sent the wrong letter out...

I was already working on a rant about it. They also extended Ceballos, Mari and Cedric, so it isn't all bad. They slid that Luiz deal in because the other three sort of butter us up

Well, it can't ALL be nice smelling roses hey!

Well, it can't ALL be nice smelling roses

and with this, you have given me the title of the next post

Short answer, yes

I knew it there had to be some evil Spurs magic in play damn it