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Wembley is our home and we always boss the tournament. Look at the joy in their faces. Time for AUBA to sign da ting
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Sign d TIng! We can offload ozil, elneny, Mhki and sokz and you can have all their wages if you just sign d ting

What's that shiny thing they are holding at the front?

Oh dear, They didn't give you guys one for cancelling St. Totteringham's day?

Well no, but then again we accept it's not much of an achievement to finish ahead of you guys. It'd be like getting an award for breathing

You guys just keep making me richer

Screen Shot 20200802 at 09.00.58.png

Lol what app are you using to bet with?

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I was backing Arsenal all the way. Couldn't stand Chelsea winning it especially with how annoying their fans can be on Twitter. Their club has no soul just like City. 😂😂😂😂😂

Can't stand those guys. Rent boys with no culture