Lets talk about FPL for a moment

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This has been a really chastening season for me on all fronts and I have actually considered dropping this game completely. It already sucks that we keep dropping stinkers on the pitch, adding a shitty fantasy team is just compounding my pain.

When I picked this team, I was feeling pretty confident about my chances this week but just like Arsenal, this game has really left me in the dirt. I think the most annoying part of everything is my captain choice. In my first setup of the team, I used KDB as triple captain, then after taking advice from some other person, I switched off the triple captain and opted for Auba instead.

Never again will I let club loyalty influence my FPL picks and so all I can do is lick my wounds. It ain't all bad though, because I still have three Manchester City players with a game in hand to Burnley left to play. I'm also among the fortunate people that sold Mo Salah before the game week started and considering he started on the bench yesterday and Liverpool drew blank, I say that was a pretty good decision.

I'm seeing red in virtually all the classic leagues I'm participating in, and have no hope of winning anything this season. Just like Arsenal's season, my FPL has been a complete shit show and it emphasises why I'm so eager to see the end of this nightmare of a season. Until we meet again, up the Arsenal.

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