We won The FA Cup in our worst season in over 30 years

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What a season this has been for us. I don't even know where to begin but damn, this was some rollercoaster. The FA Cup has become our thing and it genuinely feels like we have some sort of spiritual impetus whenever we get into Wembley.

Once again, we came up against Chelsea in a final but unlike last year in Baku, we got the better of them on a day where there were admittedly some awful officiating decisions. However, what can't be denied is that we earned our stripes on the day and there's nothing they can do about it.

I'm not even going to bitch about all the times that referees made calls against us or the fact that Azpilicuetta would have been sent off if he played for Arsenal; nope, I'm just going to revel in our success and hope it is a platform for even more glory in the coming season.

This victory means we are going to get Europa League football, and at least give us some financial leverage in the current transfer window. It is also good for the confidence of the squad going into the next season, knowing that we have the tools required to win and this strengthens belief in the manager.

It was always a salvage mission for Arteta from the onset. Initially, we wanted to qualify for the UCL through Europa league but our luck ran out there, and then at the end of the season, we couldn't even qualify for Europa League through our league standing because we finished in 8th position.

I was nervous as fuck throughout the match but still somewhat expectant. Even after we went down by a goal, I never let my head drop and our new-found resilience paid off as we snatched the equaliser and then the lead. We ended the season with a trophy, something that @talesfrmthecrypt has dreamt of for his whole life and despite finishing ahead of us, all they have to brag about is cancelling St. Totteringham day. Until we meet again, up the Arsenal.

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Would have not believed it, we really also had luck on our side for this one. I'm pretty sure we deserved it on the whole though, Auba always gives you a shot and revenge for last years Europa final.

I hope this is the first of many

Fingers crossed for the future. Auba turned up today and that's all that mattered.

Now to bag him for the next few seasons, lol without him we would never score lol

We'd be hopeless really. I hope the board convince him to stay. He should be the one earning Ozil's wages

I can only imagine what he would have been doing if we had a decent team to support him probably like 40 goals a person lol

I'm going to have modest expectations next season; hopefully a good run in the Europa league and at least put up a fight for Champions league position.

We improved and should consolidate on this but we have to remember that other teams are also improving, so it won't be a stroll in the park

i was not able to watch it, i seen your post and then went to watch the game, so i was not nervous as i know we won :D

Give Auba what he wants.

Is Ceballos staying? he should. creative player with great work effort.

Who will be our first goal keeper for the next season?

Ceballos loan was extended and he will be with us for next season, and we have option to buy.

Leno will still be number one but Martinez has done so well. Martinez is a wonderful shotstopper and the best backup any team can ask for but he doesn't know how to distribute from the back.

Only thing that Martinez was doing bad in this games was long balls. he can't hit anything with it. Everything else was really good.

Yes, those long balls are terrible because they always put us in trouble. Once he sorts that part of his game out, he will have an excellent goalkeeping career at Arsenal and eventually somewhere else.
At some point, he will be too good to be a backup and will thrive as a starter in some mid-table team

Yeahhhhh! Get in there boiiiiiiiiiis! Great way to end an awful season in the premier league but Arteta is an absolute boss! Hope we can keep Auba and get some financial pulling power, ship out some of this dead weight in the team and drive on next season!

I'm particularly interested in the Ozil situation. I hope we can amicably get him out the team or renegotiate new terms with him. Auba and Laca have to be retained. That front three have an understanding.

Yeah definitely, you look at Auba and think of what Ozil is on money wise and it's like, how is this allowed to happen?? Thing is, who is going to want Ozil with that pay packet?

No sane person. His stocks have really dropped and at the end of the day, it looks like our gamble didn't pay off. It would have made more sense to give Ramsey that money in hindsight

Yeah agree with that. Ramsay still put more of a performance in his final games for Arsenal than Ozil has for much of his!