You cause me too much pain my love

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Every time you think you've seen the worst of Arsenal, just hold your breath because there's more shittiness on the horizon. I feel bad for hoping that things would be different at the end of this coronavirus situation but all it has done is postpone the inevitable collapse that was always on the cards.

The game earlier today left a really bad taste in my mouth because, despite the gloomy atmosphere, I hoped it would be somewhat different. I mean, I didn't think we'd be World beaters or anything but I just felt we won't stick with the horribility that had plagued us all season or at least, I hoped that the forced break would have evened the playing ground.

The game against Brighton was horrible and yet again, there's no point in giving any analysis or breakdown of data. If you missed the game, congratulations, you saved yourself the stress of seeing some dumb shit and that's putting it lightly.

I talked about the possibility of some black magic/hex placed on Arsenal earlier and after I saw Leno being stretchered off the game, it will be hard to convince me differently. He was literally the only player in our defence that actually knows what to do when the chips are down.


We lost again, and this hurts a tad bit more because I thought it was a game we were going to win. The late goals we conceded typifies everything that we've known of recent Arsenal.

For most of the game, we play like we're short of ideas and are on cruise control. I don't know what the manager has to do, and I'm not going to pretend as I do. I do know that he has his work cut out for him and his first real challenge is turning our season around.

We go up against Southampton away from home in a game I'm totally expecting us to lose. We sit 9yh on the table with a goal difference of zero and just 8 pints from 4th position. Judging by how awful we were today, I really can't place my hopes on a top 4 finish but with the way things are right now, I'll gladly take a Europa league position.

I'm underwhelmed by the season but alas, it is what it is. I'm tired of this season and feel frustrated by all the shittery going on. Until we meet again, up the Arsenal.

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i was lucky, i was on the road today, so i did not watch it.

and i just saw leno injury, that shit was intentional (he jumped when leno already had the ball)

Leno was furious at the guy.