Four time World Champion Vettel leaves Ferrari in Formula 1

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Four time world champion Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari at the end of the F1 season this year. This year's season had attempted to start at Melbourne in March, however due to the Covid-19 concerns the race was called off and the season never started, however F1 team driver movements and talks have already begun.

The news that Vettel will not renew his contract and will move from the Ferrari team was confirmed by Ferrari at the start of this week on May 12th. Sebastian Vettel was noted as saying " This hiatus (pause in racing) caused by the Global pandemic has made me reconsider my future".

It is not clear if Vettel will move to a better team or will consider a break from racing next year, as more teams are announcing their driver line ups for the year ahead. With Vettel already closing the door to the Mclaren team, the only option he now has would be to move to Team Mercedes. However it is very unlikely that Mercedes would disturb their current successful line up of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Vettel had joined Ferrari in 2015. Michael Schumacher was his all time favorite mentor and it was Vettel's dream to follow his mentor's success at Ferrari back in the 2000s. However mechanical failures, unlucky races and mistakes from Vettel himself lost him several chances at a hit on the championship. Vettel added that Scuderia Ferrari will always be special for F1 and wished them success. He hopes to give them more winning and memorable moments for the remainder of this season, which may start some time in July or August.

Sebatian Vettel will be replaced next year by Spanish driver and great talent Carlos Sainz Jr. who is currently driving for the Mclaren F1 team.

Sainz has done exceptional driving last year and has proven to be a class above the rest in the midfield battles. He is known for his quick pace and clever tactics during the race.

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