North Aceh junior high school students' foot ball game

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"Student Football Sports Championship"

Football matches are a sport that is very popular with almost all people on this earth regardless of age and time anywhere and anytime. This sport is also mentioned as the number one sport that is in demand in the world by all people, even though they have a sport that faforit football is one of the additional sports for them. For adults, soccer is a common thing they do and they even do watch together every football championship. Likewise, their students are obsessed with adults playing with football so they can play and compete like adults.


Student Football Sports Championship


Student Football Sports Championship

Along with the often held world football championships, sea games, fifa, student championships, U19, U22, and various other football championship events, the enthusiasm of students is also not inferior to participating in football championships starting from between schools, villages, provinces and people's championships. They continue to be enthusiastic to practice preparation for the student championship which is carried out by the North Aceh District Education and Sports Office to be the best representing their district and school to the next championship level.


Student Football Sports Championship


Student Football Sports Championship

To support the enthusiasm of students, PT.PIM supports the championship by hosting and facilitating the student-level football competition. This championship was specifically for North Diaceh Vocational High Schools which were followed by twelve North Diaceh Vocational Schools from Sawang to Jambo Ayee.


Student Football Sports Championship


Student Football Sports Championship

Each champion gets pocket money and different prizes for each winner, the prizes are as follows:

champion | prize
champion 1 | money 10 million + trophy
champion 2 | money 5 million + trophies
champion 3 | money 3 million + tropy

The giving of pocket money and gifts is to appreciate their talents and they can buy what they need to continue practicing every day at their home or with their friends and team at school.


Student Football Sports Championship

Furthermore, for schools that win in the football championship, the education and sports services complement the sports facilities needed at their schools so that they can continue to practice optimally and increase the enthusiasm of other students in their schools to compete in the next championship.

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La verdad a la ves que es divertido en muy bueno para mantenerse en forma, saludos.


These student championships are quite good. They require a good investment (as you can see) and excellent courts, in good conditions.

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a good investment will make them competitive and proud of their country.
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