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I promised myself that I wasn't going to let football get to me anymore but here I am, feeling horrible after seeing my favourite team play horribly yet again. It is getting pretty frustrating I must say and since this one is personal, I didn't even bother using the @arsenal4life account.


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There's so much wrong with that team, so there's no point in even going into the nitty-gritty of it. We're fizzing into the oblivion with our horrendous displays, and what pains the most is the attitude.

I can't for the life of me explain why players who earn thousands of pounds PER WEEK and play for such a prestigious institution play like beaten dogs with their tails in between their legs. Surely this is not how the manager asked them to play, or maybe the players are just terrible and this is their standard.

After taking this prolonged break from football due to the outbreak, I hoped that I could dissociate my emotions with this football club but it seems like there's no helping it. When Arsenal play horribly, it gets to me and all I can do is whine about it silently or on Twitter, but that makes no difference.

I guess I should have been expecting this in a season where we've had three different managers in charge and a lot of deadwood to clear out. That's sparse consolation and does nothing to reduce the pain of our inevitable barreling to the bottom.

Now I'm just going to return to alcohol, Splinterlands and generally anything that doesn't cause me this much pain. This shit is frustrating but you know what? I'll still be cheering on the boys at our next match, and there's nothing the trolls can do about it. So take your best shot and make all your jokes now haters. We're down already so there's nowhere else to go but up. And one last thing, screw you Dean Maupay, you disgust me.

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I spared you a mention. I knew you were hurting and didn't need me to add salt in the wound. lol.. You know Southampton is battering you on Thursday as well, don't you?

Yup and I'm going to drink alcohol through out the ordeal.

And when you get back to normal, you will feel the pain...

Here you go let me help


Sharing a beer with a spuds, gotta love football.

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Why keep doing this to yourself is beyond me. Quit the team already 🙄

Never!!!! E go better

I advices him o

Man I'm right there with you. Love them or hate them I'll support them to the end... Time for the big cleanout of the club. And the upstairs management? Let's not even go there... They need to get it together and sign the proper ones and tell the others to talk a walk. So where is Martinelli? Why didn't Teerney start? Ozil is where? Too much drama and questions... Anyway forward we go. Champions league is gone again and its back to the europa wannabe league...Well if you expect the worst then you won't be disappointed haha. At least Saka looks great and Pepe scored. And still its better than politics. Anyway gooner for life mate :)

Pepe's goal was beautiful. Curled that ball to perfection and it deserved to be the winning goal. It is a shame how that game ended but yeah, forward we go. This season is basically one of those nightmares/traumatic events you just want to forget.

I'd be hoping for a real clear out and fresh start. We're at rock bottom now, so all we can do is look up. I'd like to see us focus on youth and I think Arteta also thinks that way. He's constantly playing Nketiah, Willock, Saka, Nelson and other academy boys. If we can combine those boys with Pepe, up front, we'll look better. I'm already resigned to losing Auba, and possibly Laca as well. I won't mind if Ozil leaves as well because he's obviously past his prime.

We need that youth and vigour in the side next season. This season is over and the players look like beaten men. Even the Europa league position seems unlikely with the way we're playing. I won't be too surprised if we don't qualify for it by the way.

Indeed. I think that Auba wouldn't mind staying if the board showed some ambition. A familiar story no? He said the ball was in their court basically meaning if they give him the cash he deserves he stays but with the past two matches he's looking quite indifferent... Laca. Well I like him but he's not produced for quite some time. Strikers are there to score and he can't produce the goods then off he goes... Auba needs to play up the middle anyhow. I like the youngsters for sure but still worksin progress but Saka and Martinelli stand tall out there. Saka has shined in 3 positions this season at only 18. Held his own against tough Brighton players. Let's see if they can't turn it around and salvage something out of the season... If they buy another striker/winger without a real DM and proper CB I'll go crazy man haha.

I don't even know what we need right now. We concede so many goals, we're not creating enough, the link between midfield and attack is non-existent, and it doesn't look like there's a tactical approach.

Saka is such a joy to watch man. The boy oozes class, and has a footballing brain way older than his age. We have a very talented core of youth players that we can use next season.I won't be mad if Laca and Auba leave.
One player I know I never want to see in an Arsenal shirt is David Luiz, he's horrible.

Yes Luiz has got to be done... Holding played quite well. Should be ok for the future if he can avoid injury. We do have hope for the future but without champions league difficult to attract quality players...

Yeah I think we'll be mid-table for a couple of seasons