I don't want to speculate but it is very scary: Get well soon Eriksen

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I actually just tuned in to watch a few minutes of the Scandinavian derby between Denmark and Finals to see all the players out of the pitch and fans crying. The game was paused due to a medical emergency and it was Christian Eriksen down.

This tournament is a very emotional one because many didn't even think it would hold. This one of a kind tournament that spans over six cities in Europe brings thousands of fans back into the pitch after the pandemic, and so seeing this kind of sad thing isn't what we need right now.

There's not been any information about what happened to him but we know the game was paused due to a medical emergency. The Danish midfielder went down on the sidelines without anyone challenging him.

In the video, he slumped under no challenge ,was then given CPR and that was very scary. It was such an eery feeling to feel and watching all these fans crying really gave me the chills.

It's not about football anymore, it's a human life at risk here and I really hope he will be okay. I hope he pulls through and we hear some good news in a few hours.


he is awake and stable pal, kind of upset me seeing this but thankfully he seems to be ok

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I have read the sad news and hope the player recovers as soon as possible. It is always so sad to read such incidents, even though sportsmen are subjected to numerous medical checks

Update: I just read that he opened his eyes and is a little confused. It seems the worst is over

IT was terrible, I was watching the match myself, and just seeing the players shout for help, then standing in front of Eriksen so that the cameras shouldn't see what was going on and more. THis was a tragedy, and it just kind of took away the joy from the entire day... I just hope he will get well!

The latest news now is that he is awake in the hospital (he was also awake as they carried him of the ground)... so that is at least positive for now!

He is in the hospital and is stable and awake now

I hope Eriksen gets well soon, wish him quick recovery, the match would have turned to another news update but thank God he got back to his feet.

It was a really emotional sight. Wish him quick recovery and hope to see again in action when he is cleared fit

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It was a bad one,I didn't watch the match but I saw the video of how he collapsed ,and at first I thought he had died or something,but later on it was said that he has been taken to the hospital,and he is sound and safe,I just pray this doesn't ruin his football career,what a great footballer he is.

This is a big loss for the team. I just wish he survive the injury. Because how the thingbhappen look so mysterious. Assuming he was marked we would have say that he was rough handled but nothing of such happen.

I wish him quick recovery

It was really hard to see how it vanishes on the floor there it left me on the news thank God how far you should react I hope I get out of that soon and have an excellent day and a human being above all