Almost 50 years ago, this photo paralyzed the world of boxing

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It was one of a surprising defeat ever in the boxing world as many people actually didn't see this coming, though it is only to some Muhammad Ali fans Which they believe this would be an easy ride for the boxing legend, he was so keen and craving to woop Smoking Joe Frazier ass not until he was punished by the beast himself, it was really surprising....

Yes, and i think freazier was always superior to muhammad ali in many cases, because the 2 fight they had was so controversial, because ali did not know how to handle frazier's style and only one fighter who was foreman ended up knocking him out Even so, in the 3 fights frazier continued to show that, he was superior to Muhammad and in the first fight he hit and gave him his defeat, the 3 would be won if it were not for his coach Eddie Foch did not let him out.