My Prediction On Miguel Berchelt and Oscar Valdez Upcoming Fight

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This is one of the fight to watch which is coming and it promise to be exciting, so it's three days after the long-awaited fight between two fighters that will undoubtedly be to everyone's liking Miguel Berchelt vs Óscar Valdez, two Mexicans that we know will fight until they have made sure, that they have left everything in the ring.

It will be interesting to watch, so I will be dropping my prediction for the fight now and some analysis about both fighters.

Let's first talk about Óscar Valdez

He is known for his aggressiveness, punching power and fantastic hitting combinations from him, with a knockout percentage close to 80% and an enviable record of [28 (22KO) 0].

He is expected to show off his arsenal against a Berchelt who is favored by the majority of fans and commentators.

On the other hand,

Berchelt is confident that he is the best in the 130lb division and wants to prove it by bringing us a KO, the native of the Riviera Maya is ranked as the best active super featherweight with [39 (33 KO) -1] says "It is a fight that everyone wants to see.


For me personally, I believe this fight will definitely give the boxing fans some exciting moments, I give Miguel Berchelt an extra advantage due to the way his career has developed and the contenders that he has in his history, without discarding for a second the tenacity of Óscar Valdez which will be very necessary on February 20, we still do not know if he will be at the height of Berchelt having trained with Eddie Reynoso. Which is supposed to prepare him to overcome Berchelt's superiority.

Officially, I must say that I have a favorite Berchelt to take the crown since the power of his blows and the trajectory that he has had points us to a well-deserved but overwhelming victory.