Styles and Defence Makes Fights Excellent

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The styles that boxers offer us over the years is the most important element in the course of a fight. The reality is that all sports present a fundamental difference when it comes to colliding, whether it is a team sport, between players or combat, only that in boxing it is reflected in a clearer way and as already mentioned, it is "The element.

If we want to talk about defense, the first boxer that will come to everyones mind would definitely be Floyd money Mayweather., He is the true definition of Defense, many boxing fans hated him for that but trust that's the best style to ever get out of trouble, with his kind of defensive style, I think you will definitely go far in the boxing world....

Joe Frazier is also the closest example we're going to have of an Ali vs Tyson. Frazier's style, the cross guard, the predecessor of Cus D'Amato's Peek a Boo. Used to close the gap, with Frazier's stamina and determination, it proved that Ali was not invincible. And it was not some preparation, nor age, nor injury or other circumstances, simply the style of Smoking Joe was too much for the legend Ali. Frazier was defeated by Foreman, whom Ali roped to Dope, and I'm not saying "smashed" in the dominant sense, but strategic.

Ali absorbed all of Big George's impacts through the ropes, he even had a specific sparring training to practice this technique. Why was it easy against Foreman and not against Frazier? Ali's style remained the same, but with new weapons in his inventory, that was a noticeable thing on his next two dates against Frazier. Although I said that Frazier against Ali is the closest we will see the latter versus Tyson, it does not mean that the result is the same, far from it.


So the style must prevail over the adversary. Because although the fan likes a battle of blood and shaking, it is much more satisfying to appreciate a fight at the highest level of boxing, where both are notorious in their styles, and to see who manages to impose on whom. So is there one style that is better than the other? Of course not, and that's when the boxer's discipline comes in. The Olympian will seek dominance by points, the stripper will seek the KO, the stylist will seek to break the opponent's technique.

Many fights we have seen as to say that boxing is constantly evolving, today's boxers are much faster and with advanced professional preparation. Pacquiao and Márquez fought each other in all their matches, Mayweather had enough of just one to show an enormous superiority against the Mexican. It wasn't Juan Manuel's lack, but Floyd's intelligence in being prepared to box against that kind of style.

Joe Calzaghe always seemed like a perfect example of a boxer who takes the fight to where he wants, his style, to his war zone. Rocky Marciano, although suffering and going through adversities, knew how to find the KO in 43 of his 49 victories, because it was always part of his plan, something as simple as the KO without more or less, with pure squat and command.

So styles and Defence are the the keys to a great fights.