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First, Aguero messed up in trying to do whatever he was doing in a crucial match like this. I think Chelsea is really prepared in terms of mentality and strength compared to mancity. As for man united, they have been doing well but my fear for them is exhaustion in terms of the constant use of the same players over and over again.


United did try late into the season and they show good prospect.
They got to finish strong this year.
What do you think of Leicester?
Last year they had a great run but finish flat.
Hope they hold to fourth.
Chelsea is doing what Tuchel advises them to do.
Still do not understand why they are good now but not with Lampard. Same players right ?

Still do not understand why they are good now but not with Lampard. Same players right?

First, I think the formation is not the same and the strategy is not the same.
In Lampard's time, they were about possession and less attack added to Kepa's inefficiency.

Tuchel on the other hand made the midfield point of stopping for an attack against the opponents by playing 5 midfielders pushing James to the right midfield and Marco Alonso to the left midfield.

I believe success is not by chance and Leicester might not have the mental capacity to hold on to the fourth place they are in right now after losing badly to Newcastle. I want them to get into the champions league but my question is do they have a chance?
Tottenham has a better chance in the champion's league than leicester.
Let's hope for the best

Actually another year with Tuchel Chelsea could win everything. I am not taking away from Manchester City and United could be a thread if they play really smart and get some good players to complement what they have now.
Leicester on the other hand always got issue to close even though couple years, they won the whole thing.
Great football to watch