Crazy Sports - Medieval MMA?

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Heard about this one few weeks ago on @crimsonclad's FullForce show. Why were we talking about Medieval MMA on a show about metal? Most probably because this is metal on few levels. And because that was one of the normal talks there :) If you have nothing to do you can check it out on MSPWaves or Palnet discord in about 4 hours.

Back to this craziness.

Yes it is official, they even have a International Medieval Combat Federation. In essence it is a Medieval fight tournament. They use rules of medieval tournaments, weapons made are reproductions based on the weapons of that period, but they had to be blunt, they are wearing full armor.

There are two types of tournaments. One on one in a ring that resembles the MMA rings.

And group fights with full craziness.

From what i managed to learn i think for some reason they split and now there are two big world tournaments. One is called Battle of nations

Second is by International Medieval Combat Federation.

And all of it is just crazy. People in armors, swinging swords and axes at each other until someone quits, or i don't know :D

You know about some crazy sports? Want to write about it. Check out the initiative by @cryptoandcoffee HERE


Since the swords arent sharp wouldnt it be smarter to use clubs or maces? I mean all youre doing with swords is bash each other with them. Better use weapons built for that.

maybe they want the death rate to be low :D

check the last video somewhere around 1:34 and imagine doing that with few kg mace :D

That might be true. 😄

Looks like I need to add a new tag below #combatsports :)

i am not really sure how much audience would be for that :D maybe there should be a crazy sports tag, but than, maybe the participants in those crazy sports would be offended that we call them crazy :D

Good point! There's one thing I know for sure is that I don't want these guys coming after me once they're offended.

Lol, I had a post about this sport not long ago. It is crazy indeed.

i find fascinating what some people want and are happy to do :D

Thanks for joining in and the mention. Lets hope many see this and participate as it is interesting to learn what some of the crazy things are actually out there.

this could be a fun one, hope more people will join.


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