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RE: Premier League 2020-21 Relegation Predictions and Odds

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i do hope fulham will have a good season, mostly for Mitrovic sake :D he was a bit crazy and not on the good side of Benitez but after the transfer to fulham he is showing what he knows. they made a mistake of having a terrible defense and buying players that they did not need last time their were up, not sure how the squad is now.


Yeah I quite like Fulham. They also have a couple of former Bristol City (my 2nd team) players in their side in Bobby Reid and Joe Bryan (scored both goals in the playoff final) so I’d like to see them do well.

I quite like Mitrovic and I believe Spurs were interested before he joined Newcastle. He’s an old fashioned centre-forward. If you get the ball in the box he’ll score you goals - simple!


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