38,000+ Sports Staked. Reaching The 4 Million Sports Staked Mark.

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Presently, the price of Sports isn't encouraging that much right now, but we are happy that among the mnay tribe token that started on steem-engine. Sports is still one the very few still standing at $0.00003 for buy order and sell order is still at $0.00002. We are still seeing an increase in the amount of people buying the token bye and large.

This goes on to prove that, one day, this token will surprise a lot of people as times goes on.

So, I decide to stake now against the time that Sports will be valued at 1 Hive. I believe that is very possible.

Transaction ID : https://hiveblocks.com/tx/c0f5a4e9c3a97d3354840b1e7261041d4e6d2abb

Token price


It's cool to see that you're advancing your investment in SPORTS. The future is brighter.

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