Octopus Paul : A Sports Freewrite.

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A game for national pride
Raising the cup
Cheering them all
Being the best
Separate from the rest
From top league to those lower
All hands on deck for Europa.
Who will win
The octopus summoned
A wringling wrangling walk
He finally picked one
They lost first.
Next, round 16
His pick was sweden
There loss was sweet
So was there game
Fair play at its pitch
None could argue this.
Sort of play harder
No chance for a slimmy viper
The game grew hotter
A chance from the right winger
Sending the ball higher
More like a kick, less a shot
It went in, opponent mourn.
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france and Spain. For semi final

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Why is everyone so much into France and Spain.
I pray the odds is in there favour.

Because they have a strong team and there team work as well

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Such a great freewrite. The day many have been waiting for is finally here. Time to get glued to the TV's

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Yes, stay glued to the TV bro.
Who do you wish to win

Will be rooting for the Portugal national team. They seem more complete this time

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Great, I predict italy,belglum,france and Spain will make it to the semi final

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You never can tell bro. The whole thing might take a turn.