That One Game. Sad Game : A Sports Freewrite.

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To be of a mixed colour might be a disadvantage on the field. For a white supremacists team like mine. It's a big deal and might cost you your peace of mind and a death threat too. Just make sure you are watching your back as you move because no one knows what will happen next. Especially if your team loose and all blame is coming in your direction. Trust me, that could be as deadly as hell. You don't wanna be part of that. It's a dark road of racism much worse than the Nazi.

I will never forget the day we lost against Leeds United. The first and the second goal came as a result of a loose guard from my end, which I wasn't prepared for, what followed was a horrible racist chant,ringing so loud into every being of me. The song was pointing in my direction. Telling me in the local tongue that I am not safe and this place is no place for people like me. Singing folks song about vikings sacrificing men of my colour to there gods back in the days.

I really don't know what went over me, I opted for a substitute. What followed was a shameful booooo all over the field. I, I who scored all the goals that brought us this far.

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I just had a very well-known member of the blockchain be racist against me today.

Just because I am half European and half Native American does not mean that I promote any racism against any side...

However to be accused of such is very derogatory in of itself

Wow, this is indeed a nice free write. A racist can so discourage one but the truth is if you know what you want and you are determined to get what you, no matter the shame, you will never give up.

Indeed, I have met you and I am wowed, at this free write. it is really an amazing one.

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