The Lost Match : A Freewrite Poetry.

in Sports Talk Sociallast month

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The day came and pitch was filled
The drill wont be relied on
Other strength won't matter
All that will be is me
So, the medicine man said to me.
Calm as always,pass the ball
Goals everywhere,just few minutes on
Alas, it didn't work at all
A final so wholly relied on
The loss was too big to take
So we accept our blame
The medicine man with the cain.
Pinned to the wall to talk
Perhaps, he faked us all
Speak,or we cut your tongue
In honesty, I cast a hat trick spell
Then why loose, why the shameful loose
Too much dependency, you didn't do anything
You were expecting the spell to work on its own
You need action, action, go for the ball, action.
With a troubled mind and a lost final match
Lesson learnt the hard way
Truth be told we shouldn't have done this
A spell that was a waste
An opportunity gone forever
The game wasn't meant for charms
In fairness, in strength it must be played.

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