Bozzlife: A week 5 fantasy football tragedy


At this point it might be a bit over dramatic to say that my season is over. It might also be a bit of an embellishment to say that my fantasy team is the epitome of a dumpster fire. However you look at it, it isn't good.

With all of my players having taken the field (even briefly), I am trailing my sister in law this week with one game still to be played and zero chance of overtaking her.


A couple of things are very clear concerning the games that happened yesterday... I am looking at a potential fire-sale and total rebuild of my whole team.

With Prescott suffering an injury that I haven't had the heart to read about yet, he is probably going to be off my team for the rest of the season. Brady who is sitting on my bench could be a suitable replacement, but he is just too inconsistent. As many amazing high scoring games as he has, he also puts forth a bunch of sub 15 point weeks like we saw this one.

There is no question he is one of the greats, but he just can't put up the point I need to be a winning team. The negative two points that San Francisco's Defense graced me with puts them in a great position to be dropped from my team as well.

At week 5 I am getting to the point where I can't let things slide anymore. It is do-or-die and if I don't start getting some wins I may as well just forfeit the season.

As you can see, the weak links this week were Robinson at running back and Alie-Cox at tight end. Up until week 4 Cox had bee doing great, then Jacksonville saw a quarter back change and now the new guy (who I think is actually the old guy) isn't targeting him at all. Looks like I am going to be in the market for a tight end as well as a quarter back and a defense.

Crosby had a bye, but I thought my other players could pick up the slack without me needing to grab someone from the waiver wire. Boy was I wrong!


As you can see, Hurst didn't fair much better, so the tight end position is a definite must for me to replace. Henry will be one I keep my eye on and if he plays well tonight he might get the starting TE spot on my team. Moore surprised me and finally started putting up some good numbers again. I guarantee as soon as I move him back into my starting roster he will suck again.

I have far too many players on IR right now and I am not sure it is going to be worth holding them in hopes that they will make their way back. Especially given the fact that he season is already shortened due to Covid.

Needless to say, I am going to be making some major changes to my roster this week. It may look very different next week than what you are seeing this week. More specifically there will hopefully be a lot more points in that "Total" column.