Bozzlife: Fantasy Football Recap, can we just be done already?

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I should have known that when I need to count on Brady and Gronk to get anything done they are going to absolutely let me down. I should have expected no less from a quarterback who went to that lesser known college down the street in Michigan.

Having Brady on your team really makes you realize how robust those Patriot teams must have been back in the day. Sure, he can have great games like he did a couple of weeks ago, but for the most part, the work get spread out to all members of the team. While that might be good for owners and coaches, it is a total kick in the nuts for fantasy managers.


Look at those paltry numbers! I don't even understand why he is still on my team. In fact, as of this morning, he is not. I dropped Tom Brady like a hot potato and now I am putting my hopes on the hot hand quarterback from the San Diego Chargers (oh wait, I think they are LA now).

Anyway, the 14 points from Brady were a virtual slap in the face. I expected a bit more from Ridley, finally being back from bye's and injuries and all of that, but maybe next week he will step it up. The rest of my receiving core didn't do that horrible. It would have been nice to see some more scores in the 15 range, but at least they kept it over 10 (for the most part).

My running backs even put up some decent numbers with the exception of Bernard. He was a pick up to replace someone that had been injured. Now that that person is potentially back, I don't think he is getting the touches he previously did.

As you can see Gronk was a total no-show once again. It is sad to see that the chemistry between him and Brady has pretty much faded. Having those two on your team would have been a guaranteed win even five years ago.


As you can see, the bench would have been very little help to me. Edmonds in place of Bernard might have been smarter play, but sadly what should have been fairly easy win for me was snatched away by the poor play of Brady and Gronk.

I am hoping by this point I have learned my lesson. My wife was able to snag a victory which is awesome, but I think it still leaves the two of us sharing the bottom two slots in the league.

At this point my season is pretty much shot and I am not sure we will be coming back next year for the same punishment.


You're right that having those two together would have been a killer 1, 2 just a few years ago. I've not been watching much football (outside of some Bengals games) this season but surprised to hear of Brady's major drop off.