NCAA Basketball: Picking up where we left off.



It is safe to say that things are picking up right where they left off when last college basketball season was cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Michigan State is hitting on all cylinders and my biggest fear is that they are coming out hot and they won't be able to sustain this momentum through the whole season. I guess only time will tell.

Coach Izzo has a motto of anytime, anyplace. He is not afraid to go against the elite teams in the league no matter if it is the beginning of the season or the end.

Traditionally, State has scheduled some games against these really good teams like Kansas, Duke, Kentucky, early in the season. In the past, our track record hasn't been too great in those games. This year was definitely the exception.

I have to be honest, I didn't actually watch all of the game.

I started to, but the channel it was on had a commentator that was obviously a Duke fan. He did everything he could but disparage the Michigan State players families. I tried turning the sound down, but Michigan State was doing their typical dance of turning the ball over and making stupid shots.

I was actually surprised to see that they won this morning. Don't get me wrong, they are a great team with a lot of depth, but they just play stupid sometimes and it really costs them.

Take the stats line for example...

Fifteen turnovers. That is pretty horrible. I know basketball is fast paced and turn overs are much more common than they are in Football (for some teams), but I would really like to see that number below the "10" range. Ten or less turnovers per game should be a goal they shoot for.

So Michigan State was one of the big upsets over the past couple of days. They started the season at #13, got a couple solid wins that moved them to #8 and now they took out #6 Duke. That should easily move them into the top 5.

Two days ago #17 Texas almost fell to Davidson. Three days ago #17 Houston took out #14 Texas Tech, Richmond beat #10 Kentucky (sorry @patrickulrich). Finally, four days ago Virginia Tech took out #2 Villanova.

Even earlier in the season we also saw San Francisco take out #4 Virginia.

I think it is safe to say this is going to be an exciting season. I look forward to brining you all of the upsets as we take the wild ride towards March!


I love basketball

I love college basketball. NBA I am not as big a fan as I used to be.

Too bad I can't really get well with NCAA as I only watch NBA games both regular and playoffs. Talking about Michigan, Duncan Robinson was an explosive player last season for Miami. He just blew out of no where and it's actually the reason why I was able to know he's from Michigan.

I watched his NCAA highlights and dang. He's really good!

The Big 10 puts out some good players. We don't get as much hype as the ACC, but we have a lot of talent. I think this year more than half of the teams in our conference are ranked in the top 25.

I should probably get oriented and read more about the NCAA. I should not just be sticking around with NBA then took an off with Basketball after the playoffs. I should get to acquaint with you and @patrickulrich to know more about NCAA.

Remember that last year MSU and Gonzaga shared a week of practice and a game scrimmage? I think GU had the horses to make a run last year (30-2) and I believe they are improved this year. GU plays everybody in the pre season, too. In their case it's because the league is weakish. Does have Pepperdine, San Francisco and BYU though.

First 6 games for GU this year includes 5 preseason top 15. They beat Kansas and Auburn last week have West Virginia and Baylor this week :)

It's a lot better than not watching WSU play football. 1-1-2 win loss covid.

I think it is going to be an exciting season again. I am really looking forward to it. I think there will be a lot of teams that are hungry given how their season ended last year.

Gonzaga did something they haven't done for at least 20 years. Finished the season with a win. I'm sure that is true for a whole bunch of teams.

Last year GU lost to Duke in November and to BYU in February. The WCC should have put 3 teams in the tournament. Peperdine was GOOD as was BYU.

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It’s funny how there have been so many innovations but yet in live sports we don’t have an option to turn off commentators.

Michigan I have always remembered are contenders every year. Great to hear they are moving up in ranking and hope it continues.