NCAA Men's Basketball Top 25 Recap 3/4/2020 What A Night!

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Holy cow! Talk about an awesome night of basketball! There were only four top 25 games, but every single one of them was a masterpiece!

How amazing is this? Four games and all of them were an upset with the exception of my Michigan State Spartans beating Penn State. Which quite honestly was still an upset in my mind given how horrible the road record of the Spartans has been this season.

In fact, Michigan State was getting completely hammered in the first half of last nights game. Thank goodness they were able to turn things around and come away with the win.

On top of that, Rutgers by some unbelievable miracle beat #9 Maryland. Talk about David vs. Goliath. With the Michigan State win and the Maryland loss, they are now tied for the number 1 spot in the Big Ten. It will all come down to Sunday to see who ends up being the Big Ten regular season champion or if they share the title.

I am really shocked by the Purdue/Iowa score. What a way to close out your season Purdue. I am not sure how close they are to being a bubble team, but I have a feeling they want a piece of the tournament and they are going to claw their way into it if they have to.

Then there is Kentucky. I am so sorry @patrickulrich. You would think I should know better by now not to assume anything is a given in this basketball season. What a stunner by Tennessee. Maybe they wanted to do something good for their state after the horrible destruction from the tornadoes yesterday morning.

Eight games on the schedule for tonight and like I said, I should be at the point that I don't even try to predict outcomes anymore. If you had to check one game out, I would direct you towards the Villanova/Seton Hall game. I have let you down before though...



I knew this post was coming! 😋

You know I actually didn't get to watch the game. My internet cable package needed to be renewed so I put it off because I was following the whole Trontakeover until I seen the score of the UK game. I honestly thought us being at home against Tennessee we'd have an easy game but boy was I wrong!

Yeah, I was surprised too I thought it was going to be a walk away win for the Wildcats. I am looking at cutting the cord and switching to YouTube TV right now.

I have to say I loved YouTube TV while I had it. Being able to cast using just my voice was awesome!