NCAA Men's Basketball Top 25 Recap 3/6/2020

Are you ready for one last flurry of activity before we enter the conference tournament games? It is hard to believe that by the end of next week we will know who is going to be in the NCAA tournament.

Selection Sunday is probably one of my most favorite sporting events (if you can call it that).

Once again I have to wake up and write a post about how I would have made money had I put some down on that Houston/UConn game. I had a good feeling about the Huskies in that game and it appears I was right.

Most of the other games were pretty much blowouts. Nebraska was doing a decent job of keeping it close at first, but then they fell apart. I still think Michigan is over ranked though.

Moving on, the Mountain West tournament starts tonight and #5 Boise State gets a crack at #1 San Diego State. Keep in mind, those are conference rankings now, not national rankings.

This could be a tough game for the Aztecs given they just played last night. I am going to lean towards San Diego State just because they have been so good this year, but with their spot in the NCAA tournament on lock, I wouldn't make any rock solid predictions on this one.

Saturday gives us 13 top 25 games. These are the last games of the season for some of these teams and the outcomes could have a huge impact on their future.

Notable games to watch:

Wisconsin/Indiana could be a pretty good game. I wouldn't be surprised to see an Indiana upset of the Badgers. Tennessee has some momentum behind them and home court advantage could give them an edge over #17 Auburn.

Likewise, Kentucky has proven they still have some work to do. This home game for Florida could be the opportune time to stage an upset.

Seton Hall and Creighton will be a game to watch for sure. I have been wrong in the past, but I think this one could be a barn burner.

That Louisville/Virginia match-up also has me a bit excited. I wouldn't be shocked to see the Cavaliers upset the Cardinals. That one has the makings of a true underdog story.

Of course the North Carolina/Duke game will be a big ticket this weekend, but I expect that to be pretty one sided. I'd also keep that Stanford/Oregon game in my periphery. Oregon has struggled this season and this could be another set back for them.

Sunday gives us four games and they are going to be pretty significant. At least from where I am sitting.

Memphis at Houston could be a good one to watch if you are just looking for a way to pass the time or if you can't stand watching the outcome of the other game.

#25 Michigan at #9 Maryland. This is going to be a tough one for me. Michigan State and Maryland are currently tied for the regular season conference champion spot in the Big 10. As much as I hate to cheer for Michigan, they need to beat Maryland in this game to give Michigan State a chance of sole ownership of the regular season title.

Likewise, Michigan State needs to beat Ohio State for that to happen. If both Maryland and Michigan State win, they share the title. If they both lose, the same thing happens. If they win and the Spartans lose, they get the whole she-bang.

Finally, with equal records, the Iowa/Illinois game should be pretty good. I don't think I would call this one either way.