NCAA Men's Hoops Recap 2/5/2020

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Not much to talk about about in college basketball last night. Only one upset and it was my Michigan State Spartans that were on the losing end of it. I wasn't able to stay up and watch the whole game and I haven't looked at the statistics yet, but I would bet part of the issue with their game last night was turnovers. That usually seems to be the case.

Maybe they were playing with heavy hearts due to the fact that head football coach Mark Dantonio has announced he is stepping down. That actually didn't surprise me too much. Despite the fact that he is the winningest coach in Michigan State history, they have been struggling the past couple of years.

Word is the head coach from Cincinnati might be on a route to East Lansing, MI. If that is the case I hope he can recruit and does a good job of building the fundamentals that will turn the Spartans back into a great team.

Sadly, if basketball coach Tom Izzo has another year of losing in the early rounds of the NCAA tournament, he might be on the same course as Dantonio. My hope is that these past couple of losses by Michigan State are just a mid season slump and they can get things back on track before the big dance.

I had a feeling the Auburn/Arkansas game would be good. I was hoping for a Razorbacks win since they were the home team, but at least they took the Tigers into overtime. Good try Arkansas. Rutgers also made it a pretty close game for Maryland. The Big 10 might have more teams than I previously thought in the tournament this year.

If you are looking for something to watch tonight, I would recommend the Villanova/Butler game or the Seton Hall/Georgetown game. Those two have probably the best chance of seeing an upset. Being at home, Purdue has a decent shot of beating Iowa as well. I am pretty excited about checking out the scores and sharing them with you tomorrow. Lots of potential tonight!


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Damn, Pearl and Auburn got a scare last night