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I was really excited yesterday when @cryptoandcoffee wrote this post talking about the recent curation efforts on the Sports Talk Social platform.

At the end of the post he mentioned that the new theme is going to be crazy sports. It just happens to turn out I was watching some pretty crazy sports just the other day and I decided to write a post about it.

It was a lazy Sunday evening and I didn't care about any of the American Football games that were on TV. I was jumping through the channels and I noticed on ESPN 2 they were showing a "Spike Ball" competition.

Spikeball is pretty crazy and different, so I decided I would watch that. It is the latest greatest fad as far as I know.

College teams even have Spikeball teams these days. My nieces play it down in Ohio pretty frequently.

Imagine my surprise when instead of the Spikeball competition that was advertised, the "Ideal National Championship was on my TV.

As you can see from the Youtube video, this is a competition where professional and amateur electricians and building trades individuals compete against each other to complete various tasks in a mocked up home or business environment.

I am not joking when I say my wife and I were basically glued to the TV the whole time this competition was on.

I even texted my buddy who owns his own handyman business to see if he had ever heard of it and if she was watching it.

Sadly, he doesn't get ESPN2, so he wasn't able to, but he said it sounded pretty cool.

I know that the students in our high school compete in a different regional competition for woodworking and metal working, but I never realized there was something like this on a nationwide scale.

It was pretty awesome to see the teams working against each other to complete the tasks. We tuned in just in time to see them run a new electrical line and outlet to an office area and then patch it into the breaker panel.

In the final competition they needed to punch down some cat-5e lines to a panel next to a door to get the code so they could open the door. I think I could have handled that portion of the competition.

The other stuff was way over my head.

If you are in the mood to watch something a little crazy and quirky and not what you would expect for the typical sports show, you should check out some of the videos on Youtube of the Ideal National Championships.

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I'm not going to lie but I expected more pep in these guys step. I guess safety and all that good stuff matters even when you're trying to fly through lol

Yeah, I think they get rated on safety and how nice it looks, so they probably have to take their time to some degree. It was still pretty interesting to watch.

Perfect timing then for the topic. Have never heard of spike ball and will now try something of my own to post. Mini trampoline in the middle and you not only need to be quick, but fit as well.

It is pretty impressive to watch Spikeball. It took me a while to figure out the rules (I actually had to text my niece to ask her what was going on).

I saw a whole show that was very similar to this type of thing. It's funny how I get involved with a sport or show that sounds stupid, but in actuality is kinda cool.. after you watch it for a while. Guess it's no different than say a lumberjack competition.. Who's the best at what they do? My electrical knowledge is VERY limited.. haha

Those lumberjack competitions are pretty awesome. I have a fairly uncommon surname and there was a pro lumberjack that had the same last name so I used to watch it quite regularly.

Awesome stuff, I bet that guy they focussed on can charge a real premium rate!

You bet! What a great feather to put in your cap! I'd have that on my business cards!

Spikeball looks fun for participants, the highlights look fun but i have no idea what is going on :D

the electrician competition on national tv is, i don't know :D

My nieces love to play it. At my age, it looks like a really good way to injure myself!

injure is guarantied :)