Two Hands Human Anyhow

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disclaimer: This is a show off lift. Don't try this at home.
I am going to alternate two types of videos.
Type 1: Show off or fun video like my first video here:
Type 2: Educational content for beginners like my second video:

This is the type one video. Still you can learn something.

Two hand anyhow - that is the official name of this exercise and that was a legit and widely used exercise in the era of old time strongmen.

The exercise is described as: Lift as many kilos as you can, overhead, with two separate weights in separate hands. You can use any weights and any method.

The world record is over 200 kg and is hold by the popular old time strong man Arthur Saxon.

In my video as my primary weight Hivers can see Polyxena for a first time. My second weight is 24 kg kettlebell (I know it looks heavier!)

I don't advice to use this exercise in your training regimen. It is actually something like a test. Using it advanced movers can test their ability to combine complex coordination, strength, balance and flexibility.

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Yeah. Don't try this at home lol. Original content and thinking out the box.

Браво ве машини, поздрави от Велико Търново :)

Благодаря! Поздрави!

That's really impressive! I'm going to give this a try. I just have to find someone who weighs under 30 pounds...

Haha, you can always start with a kid. If you keep doing it while the kid grows, one day you will progress to that level!

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