Conte To Arsenal?

in Sports Talk Social2 months ago

With the recent coach merry-go-round that happened in Italy, it seems to me like the best coach out of the whole shuffle is still without a known destination - Conte.

Now, as an Arsenal fan who has seen his team lose their winning mentality for a very very long time now, I would love nothing than a young coach who has won the league title in Italy with Juve and Inter and in England with Chelsea to take charge of this Arsenal team and rejuvenate them.
I am sorry, Arteta looks like a nice guy and all that but by trusting the process, Arsenal runs the risk of further sliding down permanently into mediocrity.

Something needs to happen and happen fast. A big statement needs to be made, be it a big change in coaching staff or marquee signings in the playing department.

Emi Buendia to Aston Villa? I don't care what all the analyses I have read online have got to say but for a club, the size of Arsenal establishing legit interest for a player and that player chooses Aston Villa, for whatever reason, then something is definitely wrong.

Is Arsenal no longer attractive to players? The simple answer is; yes.

I believe that if Arsenal were to appoint Conte as head coach, it would herald the dawn of a new era.


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