Just for fun or as a sponsored event?

Either way, it could be fun.

We could have each person put in 5 Steem to join or something like that and winner takes all. Or whatever people are up for. Use one of the bracket challenges on a third party site like Yahoo or something. I tried doing same thing last year and ended up putting in 5 Steem by myself to the winner but if we can get each person to put in some Steem the prize pool would be bigger.

I do like that idea.

I personally like to use ESPN, but that may not be everyone's cup of tea.

I have no preference on the site we can do ESPN. Lets see if we could get more people to join. You want to create a bracket group on ESPN and make a post to see if we have more people that will join us. I am in for sure. I will resteem your post to see any of my followers are interested in playing also.

I'll get on that when I get home from work some time in the next 12 hours.

Sounds good.

Should I create the bracket group for us on ESPN?

Sure thing.

I checked it out and it looks like its to early to create the groups for the bracket challenge. We got to wait for selection Sunday this weekend first.

They just canceled the tournament due to Coronavirus. All NBA games and NHL games got suspended also. What a bummer.