NCAA National Championship Game - Pregame Review

Holy cow! I was so caught up on the amazing weekend of Playoff #nfl football that I almost forgot about the #ncaafootball championship game tonight!

Ohio State vs. Alabama

This is going to be a great game. These are not just the two top teams this year, but it would be fair to say they have been the top two teams of the decade.

And I hate them both! With a passion. Hahaha.

Saban, The Devil, or Just a Really Good Coach?

I really think Saban may be the devil. I mean he doesn't even really try to hide it. His name... Saban, just one letter off from Satan. First name Nick - Adam Sandler's name for the devil - Littly Nicky. Coincidence? I don't think so.

But if he is an immortal or not, he certainly knows how to win football games. And that success has bred more success. He now has 5* players backing up 5* players, with a third string of 5* players.

O How I Hate, Ohio State

As a native Michigander, I learned to hate Ohio State at a young age. "Feed a beaver, plant a buckeye!" But as a Gator fan, I learned to hate them a new when Urban Meyer left UF only to take the Ohio State job the next year. Urban left Ohio State, but the systems he setup are still running strong and Ohio State is one game away from a National Championship.

Prediction - PAIN!

I expect this to be a hard fought game. Bama, under Saban, has historically relied on a strong running game to dominate teams. But this year he has a Heisman award winning Wide Receiver being thrown to by the Heisman runner up QB. Bama's run game is no weakness either, just isn't the only trick they have this year.

Ohio State relies more on speed and fast pace play. They like to spread teams out and find the mismatches. They won't find many mismatches on the Bama D though, and I think they are going to need a lucky play or two to have a chance tonight.

What's Your Prediction?

Drop a comment and let me know your thoughts on tonight game!