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isn’t that value basically the entire sell side of the of the sports orderbook? I just found that interesting

Not that I think that money should be used to just buy and burn that could be done with hive earned

Perhaps the funds could be used for liquidity pools and market making! Having SPORTS with more pairs and pulling in more of the supply into pools could help


Happy that someone has their brain switched on and I think something should happen definitely.

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I think the burn model is a fallacy you're always swimming against the tide, especially with SPORTS inflation. A better option would be to take BTC and as you build a treasury peg/back your SPORTS to BTC at a certain rate.

As the attention on SPORTS brings in more revenue and the treasury grows you can start to take that portion of the treasury and redeem it at a certain rate and amount, this gives the issuer more control of keeping the value of the token steady

Part backing and part Liquidity pool as far as I can see is the better model as Liquidity pools mean easier access in and out of the token

I agree that some of it should be used to buy some SPORTS but I think there were also ideas of using it to fund some giveaways and attract new users. I do think a portion of it should be used to burn some tokens.

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Indeed when you pair the coin with more coins let's say HIVE, BTC, HBD you allow that volatility easier flows into the coin

👍 I love what you've commented here! This will surely bring value to Sports.

Thanks, I still think far more needs to be done to properly leverage the attention the site is getting, A-ads is only 1 revenue stream having more ad networks can help make CPCs and CPA's more competitive on the site

I just mentioned the idea of adding to our liquidity pool to @ykretz.sports yesterday. I think that would help incentivize even more liquidity for the swap.btc rewards.

I think using it in an actual pool is also a really cool concept. That could also be used to have a more sustainable burn since the rewards that are earned could then be burnt themselves instead of just doing a straight buy/burn.