Welcome France 🇫🇷

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We’re delighted to share this little bit of history with you! The first National Team cards ever have just landed in Sorare!

Introducing, the world champions, a golden generation, les Bleus, welcome La France! 🇫🇷🏆
Before you go scouting the market in the incoming blue waves, here are all your important questions answered.
How do these cards differ from club cards?
National Team cards have the exact same utility as the club version!
National Team cards are part of the current supply of 111 cards for each player per season.
The French National Team cards are 2020 season cards.
We will auction at least 5 National Team cards per player where the player’s total supply permits.
Can I win National Team cards in SO5?
Yes! Starting from Game Week 174, the Top 29 in any Global Nations tournament will win a National Team card. This number will be revised once we progress to knock-out stages and if we welcome a new national team. ;-)
You can also potentially win a National Team card for podium finishes in the Global All Star divisions. https://sorare.com/r/chester50


Nice game to see, hoping to see the juicy part of the contest

Hmm cool I'm hoping to see the great outstanding performance of the contest. Thanks for sharing... you are doing well