Cristiano Ronaldo hit the 760th goal of his career to help Juventus win another trophy!

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Good Evening community.

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So A couple hours ago Cristiano Ronaldo arguably the greatest player in football has broken another record!

He is now the player who has scored the most goals ever! Yes you heard right the highest scorer of all time.

There are a few claims that Pele scored more or Josef Bican scored more but I don't believe that and for A player like Ronaldo to not only beat the record but continue to play at such A high level in multiple leagues across Europe is incredible.

Ronaldo tweeted and I quote "Very happy with my 4th title in Italy... We are back! This is the Juve we love, this is the team we trust and this is the spirit that will lead to the wins we want! Well done, guys! Fino Alla Fine!"

Congrats to Juventus for winning another trophy It is early days and lot's can change but Pirlo as manager may be A good choice going forward only time will tell of course and this is his first-ever season in management.

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