Jose Mourinho back in A job... but not as A manager

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Good Evening

So on Friday morning, it was announced by Jose that he had agreed on A deal.

He will officially Join TalkSport Radio and The Sun sports column for the upcoming European championships.

"The Chosen one"

Jose Mourinho will do the following during his appearances on the radio show.

A huge part of the Euros coverage

Jose will be part of the team covering many matches. He will be part of the radio team for all three England group games, one last-16 game, two quarter-finals, one semi-final and the final.

He’ll take your calls post-match

Being A radio show talk sport allows fans to call in and Jose will be there to answer.

TalkSport is A well-known radio station but it isn't up there with the big guns like sky sports or BT sport but this deal alone will surely make talkSport the radio station to tune into when the European Championships begin.

Really can't wait for Jose to get back in the manager role but for now very happy that I can listen to his analysis after all he is arguably the best coach in football.

Jose Mourinho is a box office signing for talkSport radio.

A great investment from TalkSport they will surely enjoy the viewership they will receive from this.

Also, TalkSport is completely free.

This concludes my post, Thanks for reading.



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HUM! I am a fan of football.
So how much will he earn from the radio show compare as a manager?
How is finance lately since he got fired from Tottenham?

Using the tag #leofinance you could at least analyze
some numbers and how this move makes sense for us.
Otherwise this post belongs to the tag of #sportstalk.

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Jose Mourinho earns £15million A year at Tottenham he did under 2 years.

Jose also received over £50million payout for being sacked.

Tottenham finances have mostly gone into building the new stadium they have avoided spending big but eventually gambled when getting Gareth Bale on Loan a big cost for Tottenham if bale doesn't take them to Europe.

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