Staking Response to positive changes in sports platform

in Sports Talk Social2 months ago

Recently the @sportstalksocial announced certain changes in their platform. They were perceived to be positive changes hence i have decided to buy more tokens and stake it back to the platform.

For the first time i bought 36000 sports tokens and staked it to the platform. The more I am using it, I find it useful. The posting is becoming rewardng. Addition of Kabaddi tags was very helpful as it helped me to post some useful information on the game.
These two posts were generously rewarded by @cryptoandcoffee account, whose vote value is more than 10000. He is a big whale with score of 76
Thank you @sportstalksocial and @cryptoandcoffee for this wonderful initiatives.


Keep up the good work.

I saw your recent blog on the kabaddi sport too, which is a good development for the community.

My UPVOTE is not worth much but I'll surely keep up with your blogs, I really like them