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RE: OCD Sports Tribe Curation Incubation Program

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I commend you and the sportstalk build up team for bringing brains together. You have done well. I see sportstalk community and it's token rising to an hight no one as ever immagined because of the great potential in it.

As for Actifit, I have noticed that Actifit has been able to keep newbies in the community from relenting, it has been an avenue for new people who haven't been familiar with the system get to know more people. Not only to know people, to know about howtheir day to day life looks like. This enhances them to feel free to communicate more knowing some of peoples likes and interests.

On the other hand. Activities and sports works hand in hand, you would agree with me that there is no sport without activities. In fact activities are the main purpose of sport. I can only advise that we find a way to reduce the actifit posts as it is taking over 70% of sportstalk day to day post. Although it has made more people engage thereby adding to the community growth.
I would also advise that we make more initiatives for example @leedsunited on sports as this will bring more engagement to the community. This is SPORTS, anything is possible.