Nfl game picks

I wish you good Sunday afternoon everyone!

This is my premier post to Sports Talk Social.
I didn’t know that any of the sport related community exists here on Hive, till I found out that actually OCD is covering one under their Incubation program. This is great addition to Hive for me and I might do weekly posts in this community, not to tire you only with travel and photography.
Sunday seems like a good day to do sport related posts as many sports events are happening over the weekend.

My home country, Slovenia is small country but it has many athletes on the World Class level. Currently there is a man’s race in progress in Imola, Italy where cyclists are competing for the title of World Champion! There are also two Slovenians aiming for the best places as who could forget last Sunday in Paris when Slovenia celebrated double victory on the most prestigious race in cyclist world, Tour de France.
Hope that we will have a medal from today’s race…

But today’s post isn’t primarily about cycling. I want to try my luck with guessing the result, or better say the winner in sport which I am a huge fan of. I already wrote week or two ago, how much I like American Football, so week 3 of the NFL should bring a lot of excitement. I will prepare my own game picks and that might be a standard routine if your response will be good :)
As I am posting to Sports Talk Social, I am expecting a lot of response to create a debate. I would love to hear your opinion of this sport and maybe even your picks or only your favorite team, player.

Enough for the intro, lets get down to business :)

Pittsburgh Steelers - 23
Houston Texans – 17

I am expecting Steelers defense to dominate. TJ Watt should sack Watson more than once and that will be story of this game.

JuJu Smith Shuster – 111 yards, 1 touchdown
Brandin Cooks – 77 yards, 1 touchdown

Philadelphia Eagles – 21
Cincinnati Bengals - 28

With both teams sitting at 0-2 record somebody will achieve their first win of the season and that will be first win on the highest level for Joe Burrow I would say. Philly is too banged up with injuries so Cinci will take this one home.

Miles Sanders – 95 yards, 1 touchdown
John Ross – 145 yards, 2 touchdowns

Tennessee Titans - 24
Minnesota Vikings – 10

We all know Derrick Henry is starting seasons a bit slow, but this year he will explode already in week 3. With Kirk Cousins under the center, Vikings will have no chance.

Derrick Henry – 166 yards, 2 touchdowns
Kirk Cousins – 167 yards, 3 interceptions

San Francisco 49ers – 13
New York Giants – 10

I have mentioned injuries at Eagles above, but 49ers have even more of them. If Philly won’t be able to pull an upset, 49ers defense will rescue the game with late defensive touchdown.

Nick Mullins - 18/20 completions
Devonta Freeman – 40 yards, 1 touchdown

Las Vegas Raiders - 33
New England Patriots - 28

We could say both teams are pleasant surprise of the season so far. Cam Newton is really playing good, but Las Vegas team is 2-0 and will remain undefeated on the wings of amazing offensive line and running back Josh Jacobs.

Josh Jacobs – 125 yards, 3 touchdowns
Cam Newton – 315 yards, 1 passing & 2 rushing touchdowns

Let that be all for the first week. I will prepare more for the following week if I will be successful :)


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I haven't watched much football today other than my Bengals and boy do I wish your prediction was correct on that one. I can't wait to watch Burrow finally get his first win. Hopefully you can review your predictions in a post too.

Thanks mate!
I will try to dedicate more time to Sports Talk community. Right now I am quite busy.

Well this one with Bengals over the weekend was tough to predict :)

See you around...

That's pretty in depth. I think you know far more about the nuts and bolts of each team that I do!

Thanks mate!
I try to keep up with everything going on around the league. I also try to watch about 5 full games and the rest in highlights...