Communities Brainstorming Challenge

Not fun drinking on your own so this is a challenge we should all be joining in. Who knows maybe someone will come up with something smart that could help change things for the better. Let us make things boom.

I was tagged by @bozz earlier today to try and get me to take part in @bigtom13 's post about Hive Communities. Basically coming up with 3 ideas that could help those communities grow and at the same time help Hive grow.

Here are some guidelines to participate.

Write a post listing your top 3 improvement ideas for communities

Tag 3 friends in your post who you want to challenge + copy these rules into your post

.Make sure that your ideas are clearly presented and easy to see in your post*
. Don't include random memes or irrelevant graphics as they distract from your ideas
.You may write in any language you see fit; English is not mandatory (we can use Google translate to read)
Don't forget to post your post link in @bigtom13 post as a comment so it is easy to find.

3 ideas is not difficult, but coming up with ones that make sense and should be happening already helping improve the offering to it's communities needs and requirements. The ones I have mentioned below are things I believe should be happening right now and are not.

We all want the various communities we are involved with grow and receive support from them at the same time. Lately sports has been receiving help from @ocd with curation and I think we are missing out here and should be capitalising on this.

Sports doesn't really have a dedicated tribe account that holds much value running around upvoting content. We are grateful as any vote big or small is always welcome. Maybe one day in the very distant future those tokens will hold value and that could be many years away and unlike Star Trek we don't have a warp speed button to go and check.

I believe we need a sports account that has value in Hive and sports tokens as this would incentivise new members to join and also to reward users who have been here from the beginning. I know many of us would not have a problem adding that account as a beneficiary on our posts. It doesn't have to be much as 10% would be more than generous. The community needs this kind of extra support urgently and whilst we have things like @ocd helping us we also need to help ourselves become stronger and more independent as a community.

Over time that account can grow and is the community account not being own by anyone, but belonging to everyone here. I am sure many of us would not have a problem delegating to this account either and would also take more care in what it voted on as it needs to be managed properly. What if @ocd stopped tomorrow and where would we be? This way we have something in the form of our own curation account which will grow in value. When Hive is $5 I can assure you it will make a difference and you may not notice a $0.10c vote now, but you will then as it will be worth a few dollars.

The next point is members of the communities need to become more active policing what they see wrong. I don't see why it is always the same people doing the work that everyone should be doing. Just because you post in that community doesn't make you active in my eyes as what else are you actually doing. Users that hop around from community to community posting a post every other day are only milking what they can and to be fair are not adding anything back that helps that community.

Lastly I think the community needs to come up with ideas on how to move the community forward. Sports is different to many other communities as it has it's own token. This I believe should be up to everyone who is invested whether you are big or small. Sometimes I believe it is a hinderance as you attract the wrong type of users and why point two above is so important.

Because I am heavily involved in sports I think it is only right to choose and tag users who could add to this discussion. I am not putting you on the spot as I don't like tagging, but you seem smart enough to add value. Obviously it helps having the founder of the community tagged as I believe the curating account needs to happen so we can add it as a beneficiary on our posts. I would be happy to delegate some Hive to this to get things going.



I am part of a community where I often add a 5% beneficiary to the community based solely on when I remember-which is hit or miss. I wouldn't mind a place with that "built in" to the community. Put some skin in the game!

Which means I REALLY agree with your post. I also really agree with tagging others. If I didn't believe this was so important to Hive I wouldn't have done so. I didn't start this, @guiltyparties did. I'm just an ordinary dumbass that forgot to put that in my post.

Lol. I would love to have a beneficiary for the community, but we don't have a community account so it is not possible.

You know? That would be one way of putting skin in the game. True believers (or fans in your case :)) wouldn't have a problem with it and people that want 'curation advantages' could pay for the ticket. As in:
"Buy the ticket. Take the ride" Hunter S Thompson.

That is how I see it and then you wouldn't get one account trying to milk 10 communities unless they were giving a portion back. We all know those types of accounts would hate this idea.

Exactly. I think I'll suggest some sort of 'automatic beneficiary' or something like it when the discussions start getting real. That's a good way to control the content...

Very nice! My original post was wrong about it being bigtom13 that started it. I have updated my post, so make sure you go back and read it to see where to correctly copy and paste your post url. I apologize for that.

I like the idea of adding a beneficiary. It would be a good way to help the community account grow. You and I have been involved in enough projects together that we know how important it is to have a community account that can sustain itself when other support fails.

Lol. One in particular stands out. I also added to comments on @guiltyparties.

Wow. Nice intiative, I'll drop my entry soon. I hope it would help Sportstalk community grow.

About having a sportstalk curating hive account and users adding beneficiary rewards, I'm all in

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Speaking of the STS community curation account, I would be grateful to anyone explaining the structure of the community-related accounts (sportsprojects, sportspartners, sportsrewards and any I might be missing).

We need @patrickulrich to give you that information. I have no clue as not involved with the direct accounts in @sportstalksocial. We need one solely for curation purposes only.