Curation Incubation Update- How Much Did You Earn This Week?

How many posts are being lost due to users not using the Sports talk site for posting. I have noticed many thinking that they can post somewhere else and have a sports tag and it doesn't show up in the Sports talk feed. If it is not in the feed I cannot curate it.

As you all know OCD generously accepted @sportstalk into their incubation curation program. Over the last week I have been scanning for any posts that deserve a little extra in the rewards column. It has been a rather disappointing week if you ask me. I will say thank you to the users who are making an effort and the ones who are being curated. There are a few of you who I understand English is not your first language and will help and guide you where I can and you will be supported for your efforts. Don't give up just keep pushing and you will get there.

Firstly many of the "posts" and I call them posts very loosely as a majority are barely 100 words. I find it feeble and pathetic considering there were some guidelines given which if curated would make a massive difference to the majority of members of Sportstalk. Many obviously don't care and are too simple and stupid to see the possibilities these days. It has never been easier to earn Hive and once the price rises you are going to be shafted if you haven't started gaining a following. New users flock onto the site and you will be swamped never to be seen again.

I just don't quite understand why some users decide to offer "information" which is common knowledge and adds no value what so ever. No personal insights and some shitty "post" that is more like spam. Unfortunately there is far too many of you and you are wasting every ones time. Anyone interested in sports will not read your twaddle as it is all common knowledge what you are writing about. Sports fans read and stay up to date with anything sports related so your offerings unless different and having personal insight add nothing of value.

Why would anyone spend 5 minutes scribbling something down just for the sake of filling a site with utter crap. You aren't going to be supported and literally are making your name mud. Not only that you are bringing everyone else down with you and it is about time this tribe improves to help attract new users. Don't bitch about token prices if you are part of the problem. Empty vessels make the most sound so buck up and improve or buck off.

Not surprisingly the curated posts this week are few and far between and have managed to scrape together 8 with 7 being curated so far. The problem is it is the same group of users and there are only 4 benefiting from decent upvotes so far.I can see some saying circle jerk and no it is not the case as those are the only posts that qualify. I wish it was 40 or 50 users fighting over getting curated as that should be the norm. Why wouldn't anyone want to see their posts making more than $10 compared to the majority on a few cents. Just to compare the curated posts, all 7 of them are sitting at a combined total of $121.79. How much did you make this week?

Spending a couple of hours constructing a decent post will pay off and is time well spent. If we compare it to a user who does 4 shitty posts taking 5 minutes each making possibly 5 c for his time and effort. In this instance you get what you deserve and I am happy to forward posts that deserve something.

Putting OCD in the tag will get you nowhere as things have changed. Some users aren't even using @sportstalk to post and it is a lesser tag now which won't even show up on sports at all. To be curated you must use the @sportstalk front end to post otherwise I will not see it.

Finding only 7/8 posts in one week is feeble and I should be struggling limiting what goes through daily. I haven't put my posts through as that would not be right even though I know how much effort I put into them.


Just started posting into this community due to the resumption of the new EPL season and my participation in the Fantasy Premier League. I have not seen any FPL related post in the community and I am here wondering if people really know what FPL is about and if such post would be deemed curation worthy. I think I got a comment on my first post on the topic which is a good sign.

FYI, here is a link to the post

What do you think?

That is great to see and will look shortly. Last season we had quite a few who were involved in the fantasy league including @abh12345.

Tell us how you really feel? :) I thought my last post was pretty decent. I know I probably don't qualify. It is too bad that there isn't more relevant content out there. I think there are some people writing really good stuff that may not be using that tag like you said.

I think there are some people writing really good stuff that may not be using that tag like you said.

My little research has shown that a lot of Hive users are not aware of Hive tribes and the second layer earnings. It's as serious as that. There's much work to be done within the existing blockchain users.

This is just the beginning I would say. I hope there'll be improvements over the coming weeks. You know many had lost vibes when it has to do with Sportstalk. Let's assume everything is starting afresh. Please keep the good work. Don't be tired yet.

No I am hoping we can turn things around and change everyone's mindset. This has so much potential and we need to just stick at this now. Sports is important to many of us and we cannot let bad habits sneak in and ruin it. I believe it should be the biggest tribe as who doesn't love sports. I have to get shitty with some posts to try and wake people up.

I believe it should be the biggest tribe as who doesn't love sports.

Sportstalk is still the biggest. By my analysis, it's just a great place. Just a little more effort as this would turn things round positively. I'm hopeful we'll have sports back at $0.001 soon.

That would be good to see as 100 Million sports would then be worth $100 000 so long term that is where we need to be.