English Premiership Team Earnings 2020/21


The English Premiership finished at the weekend with Manchester City being crowned the League champions. What is quite apparent is how much each team lost compared to last season on their TV contracts and league position prize money, besides one or two like West Ham who are up a staggering £30.1m million.

Like last season with no crowds helping to boost earnings through gate receipts and sales of merchandise there was no real major earning extras. Obviously those that got through into the Champions League have done extremely well and these figures have not been added on. This is purely the Premiership earnings.

There is a rebate for clubs involved in the 2019/20 season who failed to fulfill contractual obligations with the broadcasters original deal. This could be for a number of reasons like extra interviews and access to grounds plus certain games screened at set times. This is not the clubs fault due to unseen circumstances and a way for broadcasters to claw some money back. These have been unprecedented times so a first to my knowledge of clubs paying broadcasters via a penalty.

Teams how they finished by earnings and not necessarily League positions.

#ManchesterCity- Finished 1st and had 25 games broadcast live with an estimated amount owed of £7.8m via a rebate they ended up with £153.9m. Last season the club earned £168.3m which is a loss of £14.4m. Don't feel sorry for them as they have Champions league bonusses and Prize money not added on yet.

#ManchesterUnited 2nd with 27 live games broadcast with a rebate paid of around £7.4 million they ended up with £153.5m which is down by £11.9m on the previous season.

#Chelsea 4th overall with 27 paid tv games and a rebate of £7.3m they ended up on £150.9m down by £10m.

#Liverpool 3rd overall with 28 paid tv games and a penalty of £8.2m. Liverpool lost a huge chunk as they were champions last season so earnings overall were down by £26.3m finishing with £148.3m.

##WestHam 6th overall 24 paid tv broadcasts plus a rebate of £3.9m. They actually faired very well and increased their earnings by an estimated £30.1m leaving them on £143.5m.

#LeicesterCity 5th overall with 22 paid tv games and a loss in rebate of £6.9m they ended the season £6.1m down on the previous season with £141.3m.

#Tottenham 7th overall with 25 paid live tv games and a rebate owing of £6.3m
they ended up down by £16.2m.(£139.4m)

#Leeds finished 9th with 26 live paid broadcasts. No penalty rebates as first year back in the Premiership earning a total of £138.6m.

#Arsenal Finished 8th with 26 live paid broadcasts and a rebate paid of £6.2m they ended up down in earnings from last season of £13.2m.(£135m)

#Everton 10th overall with 21 live tv paid broadcasts minus the rebate of £4.9m. They were up from last season by £6.2m.(£134.4m)

#AstonVilla Finished 11th with 15 paid tv broadcasts and a rebate of £3.4m. They ended up £16.1m better off totaling £122.2m.

#Wolves Finished 13th and had 18 live paid tv broadcasts. Their rebate was £5.9m helping them drop -£21.2m in earnings from last season totaling £119.9m.

#NewcastleUnited Finished 12th with 22 live paid tv games and a rebate of £4.5m. Down -£9.1m on last season totaling £116.9m.

#Crystal Palace finished 14th with 15 live paid tv games and a rebate penalty of £4.0m. One of the few to increase their earnings by a mere £0.7m totaling £116.3m.

#Southampton 15th overall with 16 live tv broadcasts. They had a rebate penalty of £5.0m and a loss of £11.4m from the previous season ending up with a total of £111.7m.

#Brighton Finished 16th with 14 live tv broadcasts. The rebate penalty was £3.8m helping them lose £6m from the previous season ending up with £107.5m.

#Burnley Finished 17th with 12 live broadcasts and a penalty rebate of £5.1m. Burnley were down £25.6m on last season earning a total of £101.7m.

#Fulham 18th overall and relegated. 16 live tv games and a rebate penalty of £0.9m. Grand total £106.9m.

#WestBrom 19th overall and relegated. 13 live games broadcast and a rebate penalty of £0.7m. Total season earnings of £101.7m.

#SheffieldUnited 20th and last plus relegated. 10 live games broadcast plus a penalty rebate of £5.9m. They suffered quite badly as they were down £41.6m
from the season before totaling £91m.

The obvious kicker right now is the loss of revenue from season tickets and gate receipts. What the Premiership clubs are earning is still way above what the other teams in Europe are receiving from their broadcasting contracts and League prize money so they shouldn't be complaining.


The bottom placed team earned 91 million pounds? No wonder everyone and their grandmother wants to play in the premier league

No doubt to it Premiership club earns more than Europe clubs.

I'm glad Liverpool qualified for the Champions League; at least they will earn from that aspect as well.

There's a big gap between first and last. I'm surprised about Arsenal though given that they have quite a big following around the world. Especially from the 00s.

Now I see why every champion team fight very hard for the epl spot. The earnings there is quite huge.

Hope the fans get welcomed to the stadium again in their full capacity soon. This will greatly help the income for some currently running at a loss

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Hope fans return soon

They will be alright. The main worry would be the extortionate wages that they pay out more than anything else. They have plenty income as long as they don't go overboard on signings. Ticket sales for the year will hurt but not wound them for one year.

I believe that this year the Premier League has not only consolidated itself as the most profitable, the one that has taken two of its teams to the final of the Champion League, but also as one of the most entertaining, despite the fact that Manchester City won the title several dates in advance.

Excellent campaigns such as that of Leeds, coached by the argentine Marcelo Bielsa, contributed to give more fight to the Champions League and Europa League qualification places.

West Ham's win was due to the fact that no one was betting on a sixth-place finish for a team that normally struggles against relegation.

And Leeds' win is due to their great campaign.

Excellent analysis @cryptoandcoffee. Regards.