Mindless Garbage

At least the crowds are back and was probably what kept me watching for 30 minutes as it was mind numbingly bad.

I spent the first 30 minutes watching the Indy 500 this evening and have already turned it off as it is just plain boring. Driving around an oval track holds no appeal to me as it lacks so many things if we compare it to Formula One. You just can't compare them as they are poles apart in so many ways.

A reported crowd of 135 000 at the Indy 500 is great to see. Tonight we were informed again that we cannot have more than 100 people in a gathering as we went into lockdown 2.

Technology In Indy Car Is Non Existent

Formula One build and develop their own cars as to enter you have to construct your own vehicles. Certain parts are allowed to be purchased from other teams like engines but the majority is made in house. This is why Formula One is key to motorsport as they bring out so many firsts and the technology developed is ground breaking.

Indy Car buys everything in and why teams are so close in every aspect as there is no in house development building their own cars. Indy teams are cheaper to run and most likely where Formula One was trying to head making everyone equal levelling the playing field. How boring would that be having everyone doing similar speeds curbing development. The money is why they wanted to do it as what Indy Car racing makes is reportedly double that of Formula One but they are entirely different sports.

Formula One cars have smaller engines with a 1.6L V6 vs Indy having a 2.2L V6 yet the smaller more economical engine would go much faster around the track due to all the other technology on the car. We saw in 2019 an Indy car achieved pole position at the Circuit of Americas with a time of 1m46.017s and a few months later Valtteri Bottas recorded a 1m32.029s in his Mercedes Formula One car. The telling truth is with that time the Indy Car would not be allowed to race as they are just too slow. Over a 60 lap race the Indy Car would be literally 8 or 9 laps behind the rest of the field and be a danger to the other cars on the track. Formula One has a 107% ruling which basically means you have to be within 7% of the fastest time and on Bottas's time that means anyone within 9 seconds so the Indy car would lose out by 5 seconds and not be allowed to race.

Having bigger engines does not mean more speed as it is the entire package that makes the car go fast. Formula One has superior down force and would be interesting to see how they fare on an oval track as there would be no reason to ever brake as they would stick like glue in the corners as the faster you go the more down force that is generated.

Taking nothing away from Indy Car racing as the drivers would need a different set of skills entirely and why many wouldn't do well in Formula One.


This is amazing to see though i am not really familiar with car racing. The most interesting part is that which the team has to make their own care. This is so good. those cares may be used as prototypes for a bigger one i guess.

Have you seen the BITCOIN car run?

Yes but even that couldn't keep me watching.

I head that it passed a car sponsored by a financial group and the financial car ran out of gas... if that is true, oh the irony.

Races are thrilling but killing racers like we read today about the MotoGP racer.

F1 is my favorite and we had an Indian owned F1 team until couple of years back, but that team owner had to flee to Britain to escape from banks as he took huge amount of loan.

Hopefully, the safety measures are tightened after the MotoGP racer's death. After all, he was just 19.

Wao nice this is what brings many people together

I don't normally look into racing stories but your title was brilliant. I'm still laughing about it now.