Not Expecting Too Much Am I?

They have been around for a while so this is nothing new. As a business they have been buying up catalogues form other photographic companies adding to their inventory. Unfortunately they now dominate football and this is where many users are having a problem.

As most of you know I have been busy curating @sportstalk for @ocd for the last month as part of the incubation curation program. I find it a rewarding experience looking for users that can earn a little more and many appreciate this. So far it has worked as the trending page has been transformed offering everyone the chance to show what they can do.

What has been extremely frustrating is the use of images as many had no idea what was correct and what was not. The last time this community was policed by the sport referees or mods was around 6 months ago or maybe even a little longer. Images was a hot topic back then and it still is today as many have no clue and the ones that do didn't care. If we as a community are going to be taken seriously then we need to make sure everything is correct. Taking something that is protected and using it is just wrong. Because our posts are rewarded financially we have to play by the rules and you can't get smart about it either.

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to get everyone to do things properly as curating checking images is not exactly fun. I am spending hours on this each day before I even read the post. Most of the posts are decent and can be forwarded for curation, but the image is letting the post down.

This is kind of baffling as you spend an hour or maybe two writing a post and then you let yourself down by not checking the photographs. I understand many users are possibly using their phones to write articles and now this is difficult for checking the images. Honestly if you want to be curated then you need to change and can't keep doin it everyday without consequences. If your post is wrong then you don't deserve rewards and I think this has just got to be the stance from now on. Don't take it personally and just use it as a learning experience and change.

I see a few options and it is that simple. Do the sourcing correctly on football images as that is where the problem lies. Right clicking and searching Google is not fool proof and double checking Getty by going to their site is the best option. If it is not there then you are good to go. If you can't do that then you will have problems. We are only talking about a small group of users with one of them worryingly enough advertising his work as a blogger for sports and finance for $$ rewards. This is unacceptable and never thought I would see it advertised on someone's post in Hive.They can't even do a proper post using correct images so this is probably what got my goat going today.

Policing what happens is in everyone best interest as we saw how bad things were with plagiarism and general abuse months ago. As the token value rises we need to be aware and make sure it doesn't happen again as it will reappear if we are not careful. We don't need mods as their is enough stakeholders that can do their own policing.


A getty is pretty, but we can’t just take it freely...
I suggest for all sportstalk users not to be lazy to search a non copyright pictures.

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October 2020 is the World Mental Heath Month

Thanks for alerting us and being vigilant on images usage from internet for our Hive blogs. Its something important for being compliant to the rules set by the community.