OCD Sports Tribe Curation Incubation Program

Here goes with the first update for 2021 on Sports hoping for a change bringing in new ideas turning over a new leaf. The community is still here growing, getting closer to the 1000 mark with another 20 members joining us this week. Any growth is good growth and we have been consistently adding 20 -30 per week for the last 3 months. Our community now stands at 971 so in theory we should be well over 1000 members by the end of this month.

What I find odd is sports is behind a tribe like Fascinating Insects with no disrespect that should never be the case. Sports has a huge following and we need to get more users to join. This is one topic that should unite so many yet we are struggling to break 1000 when we should be breaking 10 000 comfortably.

We have had somewhat of a quiet week with 20 posts being submitted for curation with OCD. I have to admit I have been super impressed by the standard of posts we are seeing today that are being submitted and know time and effort is paying off for many of you. A decent post takes time but there is also a sense of pride and enjoyment that goes along with this as we all learn new things when we write. Who knows maybe some posts will be picked up by online magazines as it has happened before with myself last year. We are not as bad as we might think we are and never underestimate what you are capable of.

I was happy to see a discussion in discord this week on what types of posts should and shouldn't be rewarded. Splinterlands and the likes I don't think should qualify as e sports as that is taking the mickey too far. I think the time has come for everyone to be involved in the community by downvoting what they feel is inappropriate as this is a community tribe. I know many have asked about @actifit and why these posts should be rewarded as maybe the time has come for the community to speak up and speak as one. I do understand the original reasoning behind this, but I must admit personally they earn their own tokens already and not a fan of this idea getting bonus sports rewards as well. I think we need to have some type of vote only with the members of sports. We need to be busy being proactive as a community and not wait for others to do things for us.

This week I thought I would add a new topic as I know having a topic to write on as a guide can help with posting so this week is sporting idols or heroes. When you were growing up did you have a favorite sports person you looked up to? I had a few with one being my neighbor who was a top cricketer and was roped in to being part of his cricket training cycle by throwing and bowling to him in the nets regularly.

Please don't forget to look out and upvote engagement as that is what makes a community strong. The more we comment and reply the better as that is what communities should be doing. Have a great week and keep posting.


but I must admit personally they earn their own tokens already and not a fan of this idea getting bonus sports rewards as well.

I don't actually mind that tehy earn sports but they do make the whole site seem spammy and no serious sports fan will join the tribe while 90% of the posts are actifit.

I love using my actifit but they could really do with figuring out a new mothod of rewards as a daily post isn't really fit for purpose in it's current form but that is for another app.

IMO for sports to grow it will need to be a place where people log into seperately and not just browse on peakd.com.

Whatever it needs to become it's own entity is debatable but that should be the end goal over this year. Create a site that people can join, spend time, earn tokens and all without leaving the site.

I'm using the sportstalksocial UI, but true it's a bit bugged and not really "nice" to use.

Yeah we need a remake of the Sportstalk website. I think we should not maybe discard actifit, but maybe not have it shown with the rest since it can look weird for newbies that come to look for example football news etc

I would love to keep it on a separate feed somewhere that didn't show in th emain posts but not sure if that is possible.

In the few posts I make about our community, I always talk about posts about games that appear in our community or use our tag and end up just doing SPORTS.

Several times I published a link to posts on our disco that in my opinion should receive a downvote from the community but I never or rarely had any kind of feedback.
The @sportstalksocial community account should have a more active stance on this, as it should be the most interested that your token is not being farmed and dumped.

I also raised the question of actifit, but I learned that it was that way from the beginning and that at this moment it seems that nothing is going to be done about it.

It seems to me that our community wants to be one that everyone can farm and publish whatever they want since it does not establish a position that we are a serious community and that we do not tolerate SPAM as in other tribes.

I agree and have been downvoting on my own and a few others. For now that is what we have to do and clean the site up protecting what we have as a community. I will start again as I normally have days when I do it and leave it for a few days.

We should talk about Actifit posts since they are the majority of the post atm.

We also need a more diversed sportscrowd covering more sports than we do curently.

This OCD curation programe is a really good intitative for the community

It is very encouraging to see that #sportstalk community is still enjoying this OCD incubation curation. The growth of numbers participating in the STS community is something very unique and beautiful to behold. Keep the good work for the community.

In my own view I think the activity rate of the authentic sportstalk post will have to increase so as to keep other community trying to spam here at bay.

Imagine when we get to a 5000 active users posting and engaging everyday. Other posts not related to sports would be neglected and no attention will be paid to them.

I see most sports post are mostly Actifit and that involves the users in the community and ones that aren't too. I hope things change for better soon.

I commend you and the sportstalk build up team for bringing brains together. You have done well. I see sportstalk community and it's token rising to an hight no one as ever immagined because of the great potential in it.

As for Actifit, I have noticed that Actifit has been able to keep newbies in the community from relenting, it has been an avenue for new people who haven't been familiar with the system get to know more people. Not only to know people, to know about howtheir day to day life looks like. This enhances them to feel free to communicate more knowing some of peoples likes and interests.

On the other hand. Activities and sports works hand in hand, you would agree with me that there is no sport without activities. In fact activities are the main purpose of sport. I can only advise that we find a way to reduce the actifit posts as it is taking over 70% of sportstalk day to day post. Although it has made more people engage thereby adding to the community growth.
I would also advise that we make more initiatives for example @leedsunited on sports as this will bring more engagement to the community. This is SPORTS, anything is possible.

I just saw that fascinating insects community the other day and I was like what the heck is this! Funny stuff. I am glad we are finally growing a bit. It would have been cool to get up to that 1000 mark by the end of the year, but I am sure we will get there.

This is a great way and a great direction for the community. I don't like seeing an actifit post being rewarded as a sports post. Fitness and sports are two different things. Needless to say that it's becoming the majority of
The post is seen on the platform .its making the platform less attractive.

I think actifït posts should be discouraged from being posts on the platform.

The only fear I have is the backlash. I have less than 1 million sports staked and these actifit posters have more sports than I do.

I hope the community stands as one and enact these changes.

Also, I feel the quality of posts on the platform is increasing as I didn't get one upvote from OCD last week. it shows competition and quality and that's good for the platform.

Also, I suggest a downvote bot which will allow for the downvote of non-sports-related or none sportstallsocial community post.

What do you think @cryptoandcoffee?

In my opinion there is no game on Hive that we could qualify as esport, I'm quite new so I might have overlooked some, feel free to correct.
Regarding Actifit, as much as I love doing it everyday, I don't think it should be on SPORTS. Or I would say there are way too many of them to be suitable for SPORTS. And it might scare away some people coming for sports news/discussions.
But you won't have enough downvote power mate :D

But the real problem is the lack of real content, we need authors to publish quality content on topics they like.
There are so many options for a new authors to take a niche where absolutely nobody is yet.
I'm far from being a good author and I'm definitely not the workout youtuber you are used to watch but I might consider to bring my daily actifit workout into a proper blog in here.

Anyway, we need to do something to make this tribe attractive, I'll be happy to be of any help :)