OCD Sportstalk Curation Incubation Update

Another good week for the Sports Tribe in general as not only are we seeing consistent quality content, but many are being rewarded for their efforts. This is what being active and consistent can do for your account growth and why staying busy is so important.

This week we moved the membership bar up by another 28 giving us a grand total of 1430. The Sports token isn't worth much yet we are adding to the community numbers each week which is fantastic to see. Just think if the token can triple from here what it can do for the growth. What this tells me quite honestly is we are attracting new members who want to be part of an active community which is what we are.

Over the last week I have to admit I have really enjoyed reading the posts and has been a real pleasure forwarding for curation with @ocd. The posts that have been selected really deserved the rewards and just wish we had more to send through. This week we at least had 25 plus hopefully some more tonight and still short of the 35 initial target I had set. I can only send through what is posted so please I am asking everyone who isn't posting to start posting again.

I am calling on all @actifit members to try and add some meat to their posts as the majority are just very basic and maybe not aware that they could also get curated. The amount of posts that come through the @sportstalksocial feed is high yet many don't realise the missed opportunity they are throwing away. If you make the effort to do the exercise make it count by entertaining us like @wil.metcalfe and a few others have in the past. The same applies to the @exhaust tribe as we have had some cracking posts from one or two of you. Tell us about the races or marathons you are competing in as it may inspire others (not me) to start running again.

I know some of you play sport seriously and it would be great to hear about what you are up to. Have you managed to still train and play matches during the lock down periods? As a sportsmen I know I would have gone stir crazy and found away somehow to stay active.

In know @pele does his cycling and would like to hear more than his quick daily post lol. There are so many of you who fall into that category and I am challenging you to entertain us with a proper post once per week. It isn't a big ask and don't be shy as you are all capable. This is me trying to get the numbers up to 5 per day for curation and pushing everyone hoping we can all grow the Sports tribe and your Hive stake at the same time.

You can use the tag #sportschallenge this week so it highlights as many just get lost in the feed. What I have noticed is something needs to change on the sports site is the feed. Posts disappear off the normal feed which they shouldn't into trending if they do well and find me jumping around trying not to miss anything. I just find it crazy a post can disappear of the normal feed and could be a glitch.

Have a good week everyone and look forward to seeing many more new posts this coming week and who knows maybe close to 1500 members. Thanks once again to @ocd for their continuous support and if you have some spare Hive Power consider delegating to @ocdb as you earn a daily dividend reward.


Hi @cryptoandcoffee!

I just want to say! It's exciting to hear about how many Sport Talk members have joined! Congratulations! 🙌

I 100% agree with you! It is the quality of the posts we create that brings people in and holds their attention. The content we create isn't just a pile of words or pictures its the substance of our lives. Content is what people care about... That's why we post here on Hive... or at least it should be!

Substandard posting only shows that the person doing the posting hasn't really connected with the community and a mission greater than themselves... soooo I am just so glad to hear that you are doing your utmost to encourage people to take some time and put some real genuine thought into what they are creating.

The overall health of the Hive community is effected by the amount of care we put into what we are doing... People can tell if you care or do not care and will vote accordingly. How people post their content speaks volumes about who these people are, what they value, and if they are good Hive neighbors or not.

Keep doing the work you do to keep quality front and center within the @sportstalksocial and @actifit communities!

I am doing the same and also doing my best to show by example so thank you for the support and the shout out!

AND HUGE THANK YOU TO @ocd and @ocdb for continuing to highlight the best that Hive has to offer! It goes A LONG WAY to encouraging new people to join and I know that our numbers will continue to swell!

Working towards a friendlier future... one #HighFive at a time,


People don't care how much you know... until they know how much you care.

Thanks and all very true what you have said. Our numbers will slowly swell and already are looking excellent for this week.

Who would know that just reading such a post could reveal so much about what and how one can earn for the week. Lol! Well, I'll personally keep checking the tag you gave, I really want to be sure if people truly read posts and yet don't comment.

Do have a wonderful week @cryptoandcoffee.

I would love for @actifit members to add more substance to their posts. It seems like many of them only post their statistics. It just seems like an untapped resource in terms of engagement.

the lockdown has been eased over here, so I am still going out on Saturdays playing football.

I did play yesterday and It was superb. cheers

No doubt lockdown is disturbing many not just sportsperson.

I personally don't play sports, but I am a ardent fan of Cricket sports and I will be writing one later today to sum up the half way stage teams standings in the Indian Premier League Cricket.

Wishing you a good day :)

Ok! This has lots and lots of good points... and I want to give my official response some thought! I’m also going to tag @mcfarhat here because I know (and him and I are on the same page about this) that we are continually looking for ways to improve all things @Actifit!

Thank you for writing this! It means you care about how people perceive the @Actifit project... annnndd how we all contribute to the overall wellbeing of the Hive Blockchain and its wider community!

I’ll be back with a second comment... but likely in a couple days... I’m in the middle of officially writing the #HighFive proposal! (Watch for that by the way!) 🙌