OCD Sportstalk Incubation Curation Update

If you are looking for a new community to join then please consider sportstalksocial as we have a great community that loves to engage and support others. Everyone is welcome.

Another great week yet again as we are attracting new members like bees to a honey pot. This week we can welcome another 39 new members taking our tally up to a grand total of 1370. Lets see as we should hit 1400 by next week Saturday. We have nearly doubled in size since @ocd came onboard to assist us and their support is much appreciated and that was less than 6 months ago.

This wee the post numbers are down that were submitted to @ocd and maybe last week was just a freaky week with so much good stuff. There were some really decent posts this week so don't get me wrong ,but we need to keep the same standards and maintain them. We have around 165 active users on @sportstalksocial and as we keep growing the hope of submitting 5-10 posts per day for curation is my goal.

There are still many posts that don't quite hit the standard required and that is mainly being in length. A two minute read in my view doesn't warrant and justify extra rewards of a $20 plus vote which I think is reasonable and fair thinking. So many of the community is just falling short and if you are not sure just ask and will guide you in the right direction. A hint would be to look at the mid week sports curation showcase and compare yours against some others.

I mentioned last week that if somehow you may think you deserve to be curated that certain users need to look at their comments and involvement in the community. After checking again this week there has been little to no change on those accounts actions and why they will be ignored going forward. These are extreme cases where they are averaging like a comment every month and thus I think don't qualify for the extra support. Fair is fair and @ocd is a community curation program that supports users who are part of the community and why they receive delegations in the first place.

Let us try some new topics for sports this week to try and get some new energy flowing through the tribe. I know many of you have written posts in the past when we do these types of promoted topics.

#whacky sports
#weird sports
#crazy sports

I keep coming across new and different things in the sporting world all the time so there is plenty to go and hunt down and write on. Russia normally has some strange things happening so is always a good place to start for anyone not quite sure.

Thanks once again to @ocd for their continued support to the @sportstalksocial community as it is really appreciated.


I've been working on improving the quality of my curation on @sportstalksocial, as well as, on @stemgeeks, @leofinance, and @hive. Conversations with Ms @badbitch and Mr @acesontop have opened my eyes a lot about the care we need to take when reading articles.

On @sportstalksocial I see a lot of articles with two-minute reads. I can't bring myself to curate those and deny others. Also, some people really like putting big pictures into their content so, again it's distracting and I just move on to the next post.

Finally, plagiarism has reared its ugly head in @LeoFinance and the community there continues its work to educate and eradicate it. Anyway, that's for the posts you create and the work that you do.

We had a group who were plagiarising and so bad they were using some other posts from here and just directly translating them into Spanish. If we don't stay on top of this kind of stuff it gets out of hand very quickly and ruins the tribe. lately we haven't seen much bad behavior but I also don't get people posting an 80 or 100 word post either as it is more of a comment than a post and is spam in my eyes.

It must have been a frustrating experience to address. I wonder if we could gather all these lessons learned into something people can read about in the future. Well, if that's even possible or advisable.

I didn't get a post in at the end of last week like I had been hoping to. I am really going to try and get something posted today. Apparently those people who were asking just want the rewards without putting in the work. That is sad.

Wonderful brother, the community growing with quality content, very good your initiatives for the promotion of new jobs, always forward brother greetings @cryptoandcoffee

Great to see more users joining the tribe and i must say I'm really enjoying reading others posts. This is probably the place i spend most of my time on hive these days, as I'm a sports mad lunatic! 🤣

Big thanks to @cryptoandcoffee and @ocd for the continued support. We are building a great community and youbare shaping it well by making it very clear to people what standards you expect for curation.