Opportunity For Curation -Break Your Virginity Writing A Sports Post-I Dare You

I actually can't believe that I was stupid enough to add something in the middle of my post the other day thinking that everybody reads posts. I obviously have to make things more simple and make a special post highlighting an initiative. @sportstalk has been involved with the @ocd incubation program for nearly a month already and now is the time to get involved.

Over the next few weeks I will be looking for posts to curate with the #sportingmemories tag. This is an opportunity for anyone to enter as the majority of us have memories of good or bad things involving sport. We all went to school and played some sport at one time or other. Even if you didn't play sport at school, but played in your back garden that still counts.

Sport brings people together from all walks of life and in some cases especially team sports it breaks down barriers. For the time you are playing as a team you are all equal and have each others backs as that what sport does.

Over the years I have bumped into team mates on aeroplanes, whilst out shopping in London and in my daily work doing business. We have a bond that is different to a friendship as it is the special moments we experienced as team mates.

I was fortunate enough to play at a high level and many players I played with represented their countries internationally. Team mates that went onto represent Scotland, Wales, England, Italy and South Africa, but that doesn't matter as when we meet we are team mates just catching up reminiscing about the good old days. We have all gone different ways in our lives yet that doesn't matter as we don't judge. We offer support and help if needed with no questions asked as that is what we do.

Those special memories when the chips are down and you are all in it together trying to beat your opponents. It could be about you kicking the ball with your team mates like the #sportingmemories post @claudio83 submitted below.

Sporting Memories: Adolescence running back to a ball

To enter please use the @sportstalk community to submit your post and share your @sportingmemories with everyone. We as the @sportstalk community would welcome new members and would love to hear about your @sportingmemories. Don't be shy you know you want to. I know I will be sharing some of mine and they aren't all good and possibly why I still remember them.


Lols... I am a newbie when it comes to sport. Although, I was always afraid of playing for the fear of being injured as i was too thin but luckily for me, I had a teacher who encouraged me to go into volleyball at my younger age because of my height but it did not last because I preferred to watch people play than play myself.

Write about it in a post as it is something real. We see match reports on games everyday but this is way more interesting and is personal to you.

Sure, I already did that.

So you saying we shouldn't make sports analysis posts? @cryptoandsports

No all I am saying is you should mix it up and vary what you right about. Many users just do a match report or something and there is nothing personal or special about that. The way to get a following is to do different things by making it interesting. This is why I am experimenting giving topics now to try and get everyone to think differently.

It turned out that your submission was thrilling. Never see less.

This is quite an interesting one...wouldn't wait to join.
It has been an all-round experience and memories back then..."secondary school days" can't stop looking back into the years gone.
Very nice one having this on board

Alright this sounds like fun.... I was a bit into sport while i was in high school but quickly bowed out when life started hitting hard though i still have a few times i have been to the pitch to just exercise myself and i think this would revive the memories of my sporting days.

My Entry


Thanks for the mention, I hope there will be more posts published and less actifit reports.

we hope the odc support helps with this 😊

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Actifit is something we have to live with. I am hoping there will be more sports posts soon so actifit doesn't really swamp everything.

I'm in!

I've been into sports for a very long time and I have some good sports memories with a couple bad ones.

@mhizerbee you could join this. Remember your school inter-house sports competition.

Oh wow, @tomlee thanks for the mention. I'm in too✌️ though I'm not really good at sports..
Sending in my entry soon

Looking forward to seeing your entry

Lol, I started writing a post last night but couldn't complete it due to work. Will certainly join this #sportingmemories. I read every line of your posts.

Great stuff. Looking forward to reading it. Just trying something different hoping new people join sports.

Really a great way to sanitize the trending pages.

Sadly, I don't have a ton of sporting memories. Only a couple I guess. Okay, probably more than I think I do. I hope this initiative picks up a lot of momentum!

Bad NEWs My brother DIED...

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we are in shocked

My Condolences.

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